Dental Assistant Schools in Texas

There has been an increase in demand for Dental Assistants in recent times. This is why students have been flocking some of the finest dental assistant schools in Texas. The employers of dental offices value dental assistants with a solid understand and grasp of the importance of oral care, latest technological advancements, and their experience of working with dental patients. Becoming a Dental Assistant graduate enables the graduate to apply skills and real-world experience and therefore becoming a prime job candidate for hire. As the population continues to grow, dentists’ workloads keep on increasing and therefore creating the urgent need for dental assistants with the skills to perform routine tasks. This will enable the dentists to devote more time to complex procedures.  As a matter of fact, dental assisting career is considered among the fastest-growing professions in country. It is therefore important for students in Texas who would like to pursue a Dental Assistant course to have some knowledge on the institutions that offer dental assistant programs in Texas.

Carrington College

With its roots dating back almost 35 years, Carrington College has successfully shaped the careers of thousands of graduates. The college offers associate degree and specialized certificate programs and its broad based curricula instill students with a philosophy that values learning, professionalism as well as contribution to the community.

Carrington College offers one of the very best dental assistant training in Texas. The course is equally taught by professionals who have been industry professionals before and are eager to provide practical insights on the various subjects. The students are served with a variety of life experiences which enhance the classroom experiences. The Dental Assistant faculty is a dedicated and energetic team who bring with them a wide range of knowledge and perspectives. At Carrington College, the Dental Assistant students are intensively taught to become skillful at performing X-rays as well as assisting with many other dental procedures. The learning schedules are quite flexible with online classes being available.

The contents contained in the program include administrative duties, patient preparation as well as office administrative functions. The students are able to obtain hands-on experience during the class sessions and through clinical experience. The good thing is that the program can be completed in as little as a year, therefore allowing the graduate to get into the work force as fast as possible. The Dental Assistant curriculum at Carrington College offers a hands-on training experience that opens up the students to a world of new and exciting job opportunities.

To be able to earn the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) credential, students are usually prepared to be able to sit for the national certification tests.  A Certificate of Achievement and Associate on Science degree in Dental Assisting is the culmination of the program.


Kaplan College

Considered as one of the best schools in Texas offering Dental Assistant course, Kaplan College provides the best programs that combine professional instruction and flexible schedules. The school offers career-focused training to thousands of students which enable them to enter into some of the fastest-growing industries.

Kaplan College offers a Dental Assistant Diploma which is market-driven with a curriculum that is designed to satisfy local employment needs. The objective of the Dental Assistant curriculum is to prepare the student to perform chair-side assisting and other related procedures under direct supervision of the dentist. The curriculum offers a hands-on training which helps the student to develop relevant skills. In addition to all these, it also offers records management, ethics, communication, office management, as well as introduction to basic computer applications. The school provides flexible class schedules so the student is able to meet the demands of family, education and work all together.

To be able to graduate with the best skills, students are trained on how to handle dental emergencies such as alveolitis, tooth abscess, etc. They are also equipped with knowledge on identifying the dental formula and the universal codes for each tooth as well as identifying the structures of the oral cavity. Chair-side assisting is also included and it consists of infection control, handling dental instruments and planning treatment.

Before graduation, the students are required to complete externship at a dental clinic, dental office or any other dental facility. Kaplan College actually offers one of the best dental assistant certification in Texas.

Milan Institute

At Milan Institute, the students are provided with the training and skills needed to enter into industries that have employment opportunities. It is in fact considered a post-secondary networked institution that offers some of the best educational choices. At Milan, each student is believed to be holding the key to his or her own success. The institute offers a conducive learning atmosphere with highly trained instructors who strive to assist the students in developing professionalism. The students are enabled to become enterprising professionals as there is excellent training provided coupled with job placement assistance.

The Dental Assistant faculty provides both theory and practical instruction to students. The clinical area is perfectly equipped for hands-on experience. The instructors are highly skilled professionals in their respective areas of practice and therefore they bring along current industry insight right into the classroom. The classes are flexible and online learning is also offered.

Applicants to the college must be a high school graduate, possess a General Education Development GED) certificate as well as a Home Study transcript from a home study program which should be equivalent to high school level and is recognized by the home state of the student.

The dental assistant students are trained on patient preparation, handling dental instruments, performing X-rays plus any other procedures as directed by the dentist. Dental assistant graduates from Milan Institute have experience in procedures such as inventory control, records management, records management, operational procedures and providing assistance to the dentists and dental practitioners during the examination and treatment of patients. Students wishing to pursue a career in dental assistant can now commence on their careers today with proper training from the Milan Institute.