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Dental Assistant Schools in GA

Dental assistant training in modern days become one of the aspiring careers for the students to pursue as they are lots of scope of job opportunities. So lots of colleges in ga have started giving this opportunity to many students by offering the course in the institutes. Every college is different from one another in many respects like the syllabus hours and in the placement helps along with the financial grants and scholarships. So let’s discuss the scopes of dental assistant training in the ga with top colleges’ overview to ensure the readers about the future and scope of this health care domain.

UEI College

The dental assistant program in this institute is well equipped with modern technology and with lots of hand on training. If you are searching for the most dental assistant program in ga then this is the best place where you can enroll yourself.

Program overview

The dental assistant program of this institute is about 8 months and after completion students get certificates and start to prepare for the job haunting. The following are the overview of the course:

  • Students have to place and prepare the instrument for the dental procedure.
  • They have to handle the patient record.
  • They have to give instruction top the patients regarding oral health care and its benefits.
  • Students have to sterilize and disinfect the dental tools for using.
  • They have to assist the dentists during the dental exams and the checking procedures.

Career outcome for the dental assistant training

  • After completing the training you can start your own career as a private dental assistant in a dental office.
  • You can go for the government job.
  • Can work as an assistant to dentists.
  • Also can work as an employee in government health department.

Admission procedure

The student has to choose any one of the UEI campus before going for admissions. Then you have to make contact with the college admission group.

Then you have to explain your goals and requirement to the associate team and as per you information the team will help you out to begin the admission process.

Financial aid

The institute provides different grants like state, institutional, and federal grants where the student does not have to repay it in later. Apart from these scholarships the students are also facilitated with study loans to complete their educations.

West Georgia technical colleges

The dental assistant program of this college provides the students variety of skills, knowledge and hands on technologies to grow them as perfect professionals in the dental community.

Different career scope

  1. Graduates are employed as the chair side assistant in general dentistry.
  2. They can also become the pediatric dentistry.
  3. Apart from the above careers they can also pursue them in oral surgery, periodontics, and orthodontics, endodontic and even as the prosthodontics.
  4. Many sectors hire these professionals as insurance coordinators or as the infection control coordinators.
  5. Students can also become dental office assistants and even become the dental hygienist with the help of this program.

There are two types of certifications are available in this college for the graduates. They can choose the basic or the advance level of certification as per their comfort ability and time.

In the advance level of certification student has go for 14 credits of class that comprises of 4 modules that includes dental assisting, dental radiology, dental practice managements and dental practicum 1 with credits as; 7, 4, 2 and 1 respectively.

For the basic program certification the student has to go for 14 credit exam syllabus that includes microbiology and infection control, dental anatomy and chair-side dental assisting. The credits for the above programs are distributed 3, 5 and 6 respectfully.

Anthem College

The college provides skills that will make eligible the students in chair-side management skills, laboratory procedure and radiography technologies.

Students also able to learn practical training skills through tray set up, film development, chart making, and even the x-ray procedures.

There is another course is there that is dealing with administrative part that usually covers the insurance, billing procedures, scheduling, collection and above all the dental record managements.

Apart from the studies the college also gives opportunities to the students to take part in the professional conference where the student will be able to learn different demonstrations about the real time experiences of the dental assistants.

The college also provides professional guidelines to the students after completion of their courses regarding resume preparation, interview practices, and mock interview arrangements so that they will be able to enter into main stream of dental health as an entry level position.

Apart from the course syllabus the college also provides allied health guides, universal precaution and OSHA guidelines to the students to make them better understand the real dentistry world.




Top Dental Assistant Schools in NJ

In the modern medical field the necessity of the dental assistant is quite necessary as compared to other technicians as they play a vital role in the hospitals and in the society as well. So it becomes quite common in places like New Jersey to have a lot of openings in the dental schools where lots of students try their luck in the mentioned discipline. So it is quite obvious to know the benefits and the drawbacks of every institute before you started researching for to pursue a career in the dental assistant. So here we will discuss in detail about this program of the top dental assistant schools in NJ.

Camden county college

  • Program detail
  1. The benefit of the dental program of this institute is that the student can even prepare for the state radiology taste with the whole coaching program. This program also benefits the students in qualifying the national and state level certification test without having the experience in the real time work field.
  2. The eligibility in the state registration permits the students to perform the expanded intraoral procedure with the help of the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry.
  3. The above program can be taken as part time or full time as per the wish of the aspiring student. The part time program is always in the evening, but anyhow the student has to attain the day classes in the final semesters for the supervised clinical experience.
  • Continuation program

The working dental professional can also take benefit of the course as the institute has facilitated that opportunity. The working professionals can join courses like dental radiology, expanded function and even the certification programs.

  • Completion and placements

After completion of 1 year program the students will receive certificates from the Camden County College. Then they will be eligible for the certification examination for dental Assistant (CDA) and the radiologist licensure examination. After successful completion of the certificate program the student can go for the New Jersey State Registration.

Central career institute

The certification programming of this dental assistant school in NJ is taught at the South Plainfield campus. The majority of the students of this institute are on less than 2 year program and the course fee is for the above program is $12,595 per every student.

  • Course detail

The course here provides from the foundation level to the expert level, so that the students can seek their jobs from the entry level to the large dental practices, federals and even in the state offices.

After successful completion the student can sit for the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection’s approved dental radiography to pursue better career graph in their professional line.

  • Tasks are to be performed during the course
  1. Students have to take oral inspections
  2. They to expose to the process of X-ray environment
  3. Need to perform CPR
  4. Prepare and sterilize instrument trays and instruments
  5. Need to create patient chart and administrate the fluoride treatments
  6. Work with insurance forms and schedule appointments
  7. Need to educate people with oral care and need to maintain records and supplies.
  • Course outline

The students have to take a total of 800 hours to complete this course. If they choose for the morning sessions, then the completion will be in the 32 weeks and for the evening batches the sessions will be completed in 57 weeks.

Ocean county vocational technical school

The technical program is offered at the school’s Tom river campus. The majority of the students’ i.e. the 542 students are with the course that has duration less than 2 years. The course fee for this dental assistant and the certification program is around $9,845.

  • About the course
  1. The duration of the whole program is about 450 hours and this course extensively covers labs, operative treatment, clinical experiences, and the certification program. Students here are provided with the transport facility to the clinical site and that fee is included in the course fees.
  2. By completing the course the students can choose different careers like dental hygienist, lab technicians, X-ray technicians, and even as the dentists.
  3. Apart from this students are eligible for additional certification where they become registered to perform the oral procedures under the supervision of the dentists. The high school seniors are given priority for this type of course.
  4. After successful completion of the course the student can take the registered certification examination for both radiological technology and dental X- ray examinations. For the above program the board always recommends the students to have strong communication skills along with word processing skill.
  • Time compatibility

Looking at different aspects the college has provided both part time and full time opportunity to the students. The students have to join the evening batches for the part time courses.





Top Dental Assistant Schools in Chicago

Dental assistant program is one of the budding careers in the modern health care unit. So lots of institute in the Chicago area have been facilitated the training for this program in a decent manner. So here we will discuss the facilities, aids, and scope provided by different institute in the Chicago area. The discussion is as follows;

Illinois school of health career

The dental assistant program at this institute is prepared with practical knowledge and lots of skills, so that the students after completion become a true professional. This dental assistant school in Chicago provides the students extensive hands on skill and personalized instruction to make them as a true professional.

The course includes following tags

  • Administrative procedures in dental assisting
  • Radiography in dental program
  • Dental science
  • Laboratory handling procedures
  • Operative dentistry
  • Dental anatomy studies, dental health and orthodontics coverage
  • the externship program

After completing the course the students will be qualified to do the following jobs as in the workplaces. They are as follows:

  • They can easily become as an assistants to the dentists.
  • In the office they can even handle the job of the dental insurance clerk.
  • They can also take part as a sales person of the dental equipments.
  • In office jobs they can perform the task of a dental receptionist.
  • Finally, they can be also suitable for the post of the dental office administrative.

Students, who successfully complete the program, then can work in the following work environments.

  1. Dental offices are the suitable places for the students.
  2. They can teach in the dental schools as a faculty.
  3. Companies those manufacture the dental products they also hire these students.
  4. The dental departments in the hospitals are the suitable places for the above programmed students.
  5. Insurance companies also hire the dental assistants to handle different kinds of claims.

Career services

This is one of the special wings of the institute where the student can get a lot more than the studies. The graduate can use the service of the particular wing as many times through their career, although the institute does not guarantee any kind of placements. The following things have been facilitated by the particular wing to the students and they are;

  • Job finding strategy
  • How to write the cover letters
  • Practical techniques for the job interviews
  • Resume writing procedures
  • Other areas relevant to the employment.

Financial aid is available

Lots of different varieties of financial aids are available for the students to support their education. There are certain criteria are there to qualify this financial help. They are such as;

  • The student must have a high school diploma.
  • Must be the USA citizen.
  • Student must have a satisfactory academic progress.
  • Student must have enrolled a 600 hour program.

Midwest technical institute

The dental assistant program in this institute comprises of 36 weeks duration, in which 225 hours of externship program is included. The total credit is 26 for the whole syllabus and additionally 125 hours of extra hours are allotted to this program.

There are 4 modules operated for the whole program and the duration of the each module is about 9 weeks.

The module 4 is extensively about the externship program where the student gains hands knowledge on the real time practice.

The entire syllabus is like the dental anatomy, dental radiography procedures, dental specialties, and the dental assisting externship.

During the learning process students usually do the following things:

  • The course is entirely focuses on the dental; procedures where the student has to perform the radiography.
  • Chair-side assistance and sterilization of instruments are also included in this course.
  • Some office administrative jobs like coding, billing, and appointment settings are included in this program, also.
  • This program also prepares the students to be an entry level of recruit to different industries.

City college of Chicago

This institute is one of the best providers of dental assisting program in Chicago. Here the student gets opportunity to have two kind of certification for the dental assistant program. First one is the basic certification and the second one is the advanced certification.

After completing any certification course from the above institute the student will able to perform the above jobs. They are like;

  • They can able to provide instruction to the patients’ referred by the dentists.
  • They can give order for the different dental inventories to the suppliers.
  • They have to take records of the sign and background of the patient’s disease for future references.
  • They can able to fabricate the temporary restoration from the preliminary impressions.
  • They can expose to the radiographic diagnostic of the teeth.
  • They can even assist dentists in medical emergencies and management issues.






Dental Assistant Schools in Colorado

When you people think about dental career you always think about the hygienist, for which you have to go for the degree in a certain college with some real experience. So to elaborate the dental program quite maturely there is another way out to be in the dental health care domain that is the dental assistant program. In this program you just have to go for a certificate only and you will gradually become an assistant to a dentist. There are many different colleges which give the best dental assistant training in Colorado with a notable kind of features. Let’s have a look on that.

Intellitec medical institute

This institute is one of the best providers of dental assistant program in Colorado area. This institute is accredited by the commission of dental accreditation that ensures one of the best standard curriculum and instructions.

Tasks to be performed

  1. Students have to take impressions and also have to trim and pour the models.
  2. Students have to develop and expose radiographs.
  3. Have to perform patient management.
  4. They to sterilize and disinfect the instruments.
  5. Pupils have to perform instrument and procedural set ups.

Course inclusion topics

While the students take the course they have to go for the following modules.

  1. Orientation to the dentistry
  2. Dental science
  3. Dental office management
  4. Dental specialties
  5. Radiography
  6. Clinical externship
  7. Dental materials
  8. Preventive and emergency procedures
  9. Chair-side assistance

Certificates offered by the institutes

After successful completion of the program the institute provides following certificates.

  1. AHA Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  2. Certificate of Proficiency in Dental Assisting
  3. Certificate of Proficiency in Dental Radiography
  4. Certificate of Coronal Polish

Other features

The dental assistant program in the institute has been designed for 300 hours of class where the students can have the externship program, which gives them the real time experience.

After completion of the dental assistant program students will be eligible for the Dental Assisting National Board Inc (DANB). When the student gets passed in the above exam, then they are awarded with the certificate of dental assistant (CDA).

The above certificate is recognized nationwide and after graduation you will be awarded by the certificate of the state of Colorado in dental radiology.

The student can choose/complete the duration of the classes in both full time and part time manner as per their flexibility.

American school of dental assisting

This school is the only dental assistant school in Colorado that provides hands on training in the online basis. Through this program the students can learn the advanced techniques in their home as per their flexibility and in weekend they can come to the classes for better practices.

Basic class

During the teaching period the students have to learn the course 5 days in a week. Every day they will be given certain kinds of homework which make them understand the syllabus in a better way. Attendance is mandatory for every student.

Features available on enrollment

The institute provides some interesting features after the enrollment of the student.

Finance available

After enrollment the institute provides student loans to the students as it is one of the major invent for the students career.

Registration and payment in discount

When the student does the enrollment before one month starting the class then the student gets a discount of $100. If the student also pays the full tuition fees at once then they also gets a discount of $100.

Free professional teeth whitening

When the students enroll in this institute for any course of dental assisting then they usually get a $400 complementary teeth whitening treatment from the dentists.

Tuition includes the following features

  1. visual aids, Dental supplies, and lab materials
  2. Hands-on training with top-of-the-line equipment
  3. Dental Radiography Certification is provided
  4. CPR Certification and on site CPR training is given.
  5. Dental Assisting Certificate

Colorado school of dental assisting

The course duration is about 12 weeks for the dental assistant trainings.

Here the students are given opportunity to work with the real people during their study period so that immediately they will be able to go ease with the work after completion of their syllabus.

After enrollment the student can take the financial help from the institution by calling to the particular number.

The college also Offers 4 campus locations in Colorado: Denver, Broomfield, Fort Collins, Grand Junction And 1 location in North Dallas, TX.

The college also provides the fast track course for the dental assisting programs as some students want this course to be really finished within small duration of time.

Key features of the fast track class are:

  • The class size is small and students are given personal Experienced instructors
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Convenient night/weekend classes
  • Clinical time real experience is provided and hands-on practice as a dental assistant as to different dentists.













Dental Assistant Schools in MD

Dental assistant training is one of the most demanding branches in the healthcare domain and people used to choose this branch in a lot more way due to the beneficial effects of it. Lots of institutes in Maryland area now has been providing these facilities to different students as the dental assistant program is currently having a lot more craze. So here we will discuss the features of the top institutes and the dental assistant program in md. So, dear readers, be careful if you are trying your hands in this dental assistant program and choose carefully the institute before going for any kind of admissions.

Westwood College

This college is situated in Arlington which prepares the students for proper employment through its best dental assistant program. This course usually makes the student to support the dentists and also provide quality dental care to the patients.

  • Key features of this program
  1. Here the student learns the background cycle of the tooth.
  2. A student learns easily how to expose and precedes the dental radiographs.
  3. More than the 60% of the training is given by the hands on training here, so students do not have to think about the course materials.
  4. Students learn precisely about making teeth for the diseases like crowns, cavities, and bridges.
  5. Students will gradually expose to different techniques like the oral & maxillofacial surgery, pathology, endodontic, facial orthopedics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and the cosmetic surgery.
  • Course info
  1. The total course outcome is around 300 hours from which 60% of the course is comprised of core subjects.
  2. Students are taught introduction to the dental profession.
  3. Clinical procedures
  4. Dental radiology
  5. Office management and dental assisting review
  6. Dental assisting radiography
  7. Dental science and preclinical procedures.
  • Outcome of this program

On successful completion the students will be able to hold the following designations

  1. Students able to utilize the instruments, equipment and materials
  2. Students can be able to perform chair side assisting techniques in general and specialty practices.
  3. They can able to perform the aseptic techniques and manage the hazardous materials like radiography.
  4. Students can able to handle the computer applications along with the office management skills.
  5. They can also perform dental assisting expanded functions that have been allowed by the state.
  6. Pupils can also identify and apply the concepts of dental ethics in relation to the patient, dental team and also to the dentists.
  7. They can also expose to the procedure of dental radiography.

Rose medical education centre

This institute holds its reputation as one of the top program provider of the dental assistant program in md area.

  • Instructions given to the dental assistant graduates
  1. Responsibilities and the chair-side assisting duties.
  2. Processing the radiograph techniques.
  3. Preparation and the disposal of the local anesthetic.
  4. How to prepare the study and master casts along with finding impressions.
  5. Sterilization techniques, operatory disinfections and the instrument decontamination.
  • Areas of training
  1. The use of dental specialty instruments.
  2. Taking and recording vital signs.
  3. Performing different administrative tasks.
  4. The role of OSHA in dental office.
  5. Completing dental insurance claim forms.
  6. Developing independent job-seeking skills.
  7. Networking techniques, interview strategies, tools to design a professional resume.
  • Dental assistant externship

The dental assistant externship program is designed in such a way that it precisely helps the Ross institute students. Through this process, students will be able to admit themselves in the practical and the real working environments of the real dentists.

In this institute the students do not have to wait for the specific periods; students can directly enroll themselves to externship program as soon as they completed the whole course.

Fortis institute

The dental assistant program in this institute prepares professionals by giving them hands on strategies and techniques of the working environments. With this institute student can also go for online program to complete their 260 hours of course durations. Students can also go for part time with this program from any one of the college’s campuses.

Insight of this institute

Here the students are shown how to work on chair-side as dentists and how to treat the patients.

The dental practitioners can work in private or in groups like specialty dental practice, hospitals, nursing homes, dental school clinics, insurance companies and even in the public health facilities.

Upon successful completion of the program at this institute, students will be prepared for the entry level employer in different dental assistant environments.

This institute is accredited from the following standards.

  1. Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES)
  2. Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)
  3. Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)
  4. Accrediting Commission of the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET)
  5. Accrediting Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE)






Dental Assistant Schools in AZ

The dental assistant program is one of the brightest careers in the entire medical field. People in this career people used to get good remunerations with a longtime career assurance. Students are able to get certification easily and the state also recognized these certifications also. So lots of institutes in Arizona area have been given the opportunities to many students to pursue this career. So here we will discuss some of the reviews on the dental assistant program in AZ and through this article people can understand the different aspects of this program.

Arizona school of dental assisting

This school was founded by Dr. Enrico Divito and Ms. Lisa Stevenson in the year of 2001. They both are recognized as the well trained dental assistant trainer as well as a professional since 1981. The mission of this institute is to prepare the individuals with good technical skills along with proficient knowledge so that they can serve the society in a better way.

After successful completion of the dental assistant program the students can able to get the following benefits with a 100% guarantee.

Facility of this program

  • Students with a certain amount of experience can able to get an income of $30,000 per annum without any hesitation. Along with this they can bag additional paid holiday and pension participation.
  • The participants of this course will be always in high demand because it has been found that there are 80,000 openings in every year for this kind of professionals. Students can complete this course with a part time or full time style as per their comfort ability.
  • People from this discipline easily get the position of office managers, expanded function assistant, treatment coordinator and can even become the anesthetic technician.
  • The dental assistant job is not a desk job; with this job professionals used to interact with the people regularly in a very active manner and people also pay respect to the dynamism of this profession.

Program duration, timing, & placements

  • The duration of the above program is around 112 hours and the course usually finishes in 12 weeks. Students can choose different time slots as per their comfort level and can take this course as part time or full time.
  • After completion of the course the school, provides the job assistance by preparing the students with the updated resume. But as a matter of fact the school does not provide any job guarantee.

Rio Salado college

In-depth about the course

  • In this school the student has to devote around 12 month or around the 300 hours to get the certification program. This institute is accredited by the commission on dental accreditation (CODA) of the American dental association (ADA).
  • The main benefit of this institute is that it is the only institute that has been developed by the partnership with the Arizona dental association (AzDA). So this institute is considered as one of the leading opportunity provider in dental assistant program in AZ.
  • The entire course usually covers the x-ray imaging, clinical skills along with the dental anatomy with which the student can start a great career.
  • Students can apply for the internship program with this 300 hour of program.


This college has been accredited regionally by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The HLC is a non government body from where most of the United States colleges had taken the accreditations.

Education programs like dental hygiene, teacher education and the dental assistant have some special accreditation from the national accrediting body. The students have to take a different national level of entrance examinations after completion of the dental assistant program to gain a professional certificate.

Altrain dental school

This dental assistant program in AZ is one of the quality education providers and prepares the students to have a better career graph and education.

  • On the completion of the program the student can join different kind of job prospects like chair side assistant, hygiene assistant, sterilization assistant and even can assist as a front office appointer.
  • Apart from the above posts the students can also go for the post like circulating assistants, patient coordinator, hygiene assistant, and even the infection control coordinator.
  • During the dental assistant program the students learn about the basic dental laboratory procedures, dental radiology techniques, dental office skills and above all the dental procedural coding.
  • After graduating usually the students are placed in the dental offices in entry level positions; after that they can also expand their regions to the well trained dental assistants as per the Bureau Labor Statics department.

Externship program

After successful completion of the course the students can apply for the externship program where they will be challenged by the extensive knowledge of the program. During this externship program the students will come to know more about the workplace environment and also they can meet the industry experts and professionals.





Top Dental Assistant Schools in Arkansas

In the current market scenario, the dental health care is one of the most required jobs in the whole health care unit. So lots of students try their luck in becoming a dental assistant apart from dentists, as dental assistant job is multitasking. In Arkansas there are lots of colleges are providing  this opportunity to a lots of student in different manners. Let’s have a look to the facility and scope provided by different colleges of Arkansas and it is described as below;

Pulaski technical college

The dental assistant program of this institute has been accredited by the American Dental Commission of Dental education. In this institute the course usually starts at month of august and ends at May, a nine month program.

For the applying in this college for the dental assistant program in this college, applicant must have age above than 18. The student must have a high school diploma or have a GED.

Dental assistant program objectives

  • The dental assistant must have to work in the unit for providing better dental care to the people.
  • They have to assist the dentists in complex dental issues of the patient.
  • They have to communicate properly with families, persons and with the doctors to resolve the issue quickly.
  • The dental assistants have to posses’ proper knowledge of scientific principles along with practical experiences to understand any kind of issue properly.
  • The dental assistants have to show interest in welfare of the community members along with the citizens in a proper direction.
  • They need to practice the ethical and legal responsibilities as they are the member of dental health care unit.
  • They can even go for higher studies side by side by doing their jobs.

In this college usually 9 months is required to complete the syllabus. The courses of this syllabus are given below;

  1. Dental science
  2. Biomedical science
  3. Clinical science part 1
  4. Chair-side assistance part 1
  5. Dental materials
  6. Dental radiography
  7. Preventive dentistry
  8. Advanced dental materials
  9. Advanced dental radiography
  10. Chair-side assisting part 2
  11. Clinical science part two
  12. Clinical practices and seminars.

Little rock school of dental assisting

This school is one of major providers of dental assistant program in Arkansas area. The school provides hands on knowledge to the students on dental assistant with the accommodation facility.

During the Fridays the students not only gain the syllabus but also gains practical knowledge by becoming the registered dental assistant (RDA).

All about the course

  • The program makes the students to carry forward their experience to laboratory, clinical and official duties.
  • The classes are conducted 5 days in a week from 8 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening. Usually there is one class in one year, but sometimes there are 2 seasons are arranged as per the demand of the course.
  • In every 10 weeks there will be a semester with testing at the end of the program.
  • After completion, the graduate receives certificates and prepares to become registered dental assistant.
  • The aspirants have to clear the state dental board examination to become one registered dental assistant.
  • The exams include radiography, nitrous oxide administration, coronal polishing, and the infection control.
  • The studies materials of this university are designed in the way that students will be easily pass the examination.
  • The college usually accepts 10 students per semester based upon the interview and applications.

Program fees

The fee for the dental assistant program is around $3900 and an additional charge of $100 of registration fee.

In the course fee the lab, the library charges are included except the transportation facility. The course fee also covers the licensing and certification fees for the syllabus related practical.

Curriculum detail

  1. 1st week: introduction to dental assistant, anatomy and physiology, dental anatomy.
  2. 2nd week: disease transmission, treatment room preparation, instrument processing etc.
  3. 3rd week: clinical dentistry, dental examination
  4. 4th week: radiation safety and control, oral radiography.
  5. 5th week: preventive care, coronal polishing.
  6. 6th week: CPR certification
  7. 7th week: nitrous oxide certification.
  8. 8th week: periodontics, orthodontics, endodontic….
  9. 9th week: state board exam
  10. 10th week: final review.

North west Arkansas community college

This college is one of the developed institutes in Arkansas area. The dental assistant program in Arkansas in this institute is highly appreciated program for the learners in the whole Arkansas area.

By completing this course students can pursue their career as following:

  1. Dental assistant
  2. Dentists
  3. Dental hygienist
  4. Sales representative
  5. Dental equipment technician
  6. Dental lab technician

After completion of the course student can perform following tasks:

  1. Develop the x-ray
  2. Organize patient files
  3. Prepare the patient for accurate consultation.
  4. Clerical operations and they can also take part in management jobs of the office.
  5. They can order the lab equipments as they are certified.



Top Dental Assistant Schools in Ohio

In the modern world dentistry has become one of the advance career graphs for the professionals, as it has variety of dimensions in the field of health care. This career domain is one of the fastest growth sectors in the modern health care unit because people are now days are more careful about their oral issues. So here we will discuss some of the brightest future of this domain that has been promptly provided by the several institutes in the Ohio area. The dental assistant classes in Ohio are one of the booming businesses, so you people should choose carefully the institutes before taking any kinds of admissions.

Everest institute

This institute is one of the leading masters in Ohio in the field of the dental assistant program. This institute provides different classes with different timings in this dental assistant program, which are highly suitable for any student.

  • Dental assistant with radiology program

The institute provides the dental assistant classes with the extra program of radiology course. During the whole program the student can easily able to learn the skills to handle an emergency procedure, dental anatomy, dental terminology, dental science, chair side I and didactic II and on practice management.

Apart from this skill pupil also get hands on skills on four handed dentistry, knowledge on exposing procedure of radiographic films and mastered skills on laboratory managements. This dental assistant class in Ohio is specialized with the radiology technology where the course length is all about of 76 hours that comprises of 55 hours of theory and 21 hours of labs.

After successful completion the students usually able to get certificates on radiation health & safety through the dental assistant national board and also from the Ohio state environmental protection agency.

  • Affiliation agreement

The major benefit of this institute is that the institute has been contracted with major local doctor’s office, clinics, and hospitals to provide hands on experience in clinical learning to the students.

  • Flexible time tables for the classes

The major benefit of this institute is that, students can prefer different time slots as per their comfort ability for the classes. The student can choose slots like day program that comprises of 11 weeks for the completion of the course. Another day program with an internship is available with a benefit of 100 internship hours. Students also can choose evening hours that is of total 29 week class for this program.

Rose Medical education centre

The dental assistant program of this institute provides the students a different working type environment and different diverse opportunities to become one of the best professionals of the industry. After completion of the program successfully the student can perform the following functions:

  1. Assist the dentists in all phases of patient treatments
  2. Can sterilize the instruments
  3. Can prepare the treatment rooms
  4. Expose, process and mount the radiographs
  5. Can prepare different variety of intra- oral expanded functions
  6. Fabricate the mouth guards
  7. Can perform basic laboratory procedures
  • Career opportunities and Accreditation

The dental program of this college is accredited by the American Dental Association Commission with the 1972 act. The school has graduated many students who are working with different private and state firms.

The school also provides an opportunity to place the students in different sectors like teaching, research, business, dentistry, and dental hygiene.

The institute has also been affiliated with different contacts with many more other institutes to provide a healthy practice environment to the students.

Heritage College

  • Specific objective of the program
  1. Through this program the students will be eligible for CDA (CERTIFIED DENTAL ASSISTANT EXAMINATION) by the dental assisting national board.
  2. They can assume responsibility in health promotion and disease prevention for people in the communities by participating in multiple dental health education projects.
  3. They can able to perform different auxiliary and advanced level of functions stated by the Jersey state dental practice act.
  4. By the help of this program they can get the registered dental assistant credential through the state board of dentistry of New Jersey.
  5. They can demonstrate professional growth through the membership in the American Dental Assistant’s Association and can even participate in relative activities.
  6. They can also prepare individuals for employment as dental assistants.
  • Facts to know
  1. The student has to pay tuition fees only to only to the Heritage College.
  2. Students are required to attain classes in different campuses through the college.
  3. The nature of the courses may be required the students to act as a dental service provider and needs to be patient with the fellow students.
  4. Before joining in this particular program the State Board of Dentistry will check the criminal background of each student.
  5. Before joining in this, college the applicants have to sit for ethics and jurisprudence examination.









Online Dental Assistant Programs For At-Home Learning

Online dental assistant programs have become very popular in the recent years and almost all the programs that can be offered through online portals have gained popularity in the recent years. People are now having busy schedules and it is difficult to adjust a job and studies within the same schedule for many students now. Some people want to give time to their families and many others have varied issues. Now that internet allows the opportunity for distance learning, why not using it? However, whoever wants to be a dental assistant must learn the scope of this particular profession first.

A dental assistant as clear from the name is not really a dentist but he/she works side by side with the dentist. He has an equal connection with the dentist as well as the patient and that’s why his/her interpersonal skills matter a lot here. When patients enter the clinic or the dentist’s office, they are assisted by the dental assistant. Many of the tests required by dentists for the patients are done in the assistance of dental assistants. They will take the patient’s blood pressure, check their pulse, take x-rays, perform tasks as an office manager, take teeth impressions etc. For all interested in this field, here are some of the best schools offering dental assistant programs online.

Ed2Go Career Training Center

This college is the best option for all those who want to gain dental assistant program from dental assistant schools online because it has already served more than 2 million students with its programs. The number of programs being offered online at this college is increasing with time and it is one of the best places for adult education. It is a part of Cengage Learning, an institute providing various education solutions to colleges and universities in the world. Media and design, healthcare, business, IT and software, hospitality etc. are all offered at Ed2Go.

Now, students who are interested in the program can enroll online on the website and get the required details. The program trains the students about and in the use of anesthesia, patient care, communication, physiology and a lot more. The length of the program is 6 months but it is not a restriction and those who want to extend the program are allowed to get 6 months extra to complete the same program. This extension is given to students for no additional cost. There are of course requirements to have a computer that is compatible with the programs and applications that will be used during learning.

No operating system before Windows XP will be of use however the later ones and XP included will be required. There are 7 books on various topics related to dental health and hygiene that are provided to the students after their registration in the program. At the moment Cindy Lamkin is the instructor helping students in the program having an experience of more than 20 years. The total hours in the program will be 240 and the fee is $1995.

PennFoster Career School

Another well-known dental assistant school online, PennFoster Career School provides comprehensive training to the students to prepare to assist professional dentists in the clinic. The school offers career diplomas, certificates and individual courses to the students. The school is accredited by Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council. The school has obtained separate accreditations on regional basis as well. The school was founded as back in history as 1890. The school offers a huge range of 200+ programs focused at directing students towards a stable and productive future.

It is important for students to know that they only opt for online dental assistant programs accredited by renowned accrediting bodies because many states won’t allow them to practice what they have learned unless they have received education from an accredited institute. Once again, the program here is comprehensive and in addition to the learning students receive through internet while sitting at home, they get help from their instructors through mobile phones as well. The online campus is accessible round the clock and the payments are straight with 0% financing. One time payments can save students up to $195.

The program can be completed by students in 5 months however it still goes step by step for students to absorb everything properly. The school is also licensed and the license has been obtained from Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools. What makes PennFoster Career School even more credible is the fact that it has been given an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau as well. The online dental assistant course has been divided into 9 steps, called the units to make sure that students get the idea of all subjects and topic slowly and gradually. The courses are accessible on the website one after another i.e. after the exams.

US Career Institute

US Career Institute provides dental assistant online course and is another one of the institutes focusing mainly on distance and online education for the students. This school too works on the monthly payment option and is known for making the program affordable for its students. The payments are interest free so the students can actually calculate their payments easily and manage them well. The school is also accredited, giving more peace of mind to the students that their earned certification will have some weight. The school gets it accreditation from Distance Education and Training Council.

They have also earned a great name for providing unlimited support to their students as they study at home. Support from the college and instructors are the things that matter the most in the scenario of online and distance learning. They have military education benefits available for their students as well. The range and list of programs they are offering is never-ending. They are educating students on Accounting, business management, human resources, marketing, health information etc. and the good thing is that these are all degrees and not merely certifications.

Unlike many other dental assistant courses online, this course goes at your pace, which means that this program allows you to study whenever you feel like studying. The course comes to the students after registering in the forms of packs. There are total 5 packs and each pack contains some CDs, manuals, glossary terms and many other things. The total tuition cost of the entire program is $1539 but that’s excluding the shipping cost, which is merely $16.50. If the students decide to make the payment in full they save a lot. The total cost in this case is only $1239.

Southeast Community College

Southeast Community College is another reliable place to obtain dental assistant certification online and the best thing is that this college is often found in the top colleges of the country. The success rate of students in this college has kept it at number 8 in the list of community colleges of US. The students can rest assured as they continue their education at Southeast Community College because the college is accredited by The Higher Commission of the North Central Association. The college has a mission statement to provide quality education to students belonging to a vast range of professions.

The online dental assistant certification from Southeast Community College is a well-worth education giving students an upper hand compared to those who have obtained the same certification from other colleges. The dental assistant program is offered in classes as well as online. The program is offered on a full time basis and whether taken online or at the campus, it will continue for a total of 12 months. The program therefore will be in 4 quarters but the students are allowed even more flexibility with a part time program that continues for 2 additional quarters and is of 6 quarters in total.

The program has its own individual accreditation which it gets from Commission on Dental Accreditation. The website of the college provides great information about the dental assisting program along with the current average salary of the dental assistants. They have a detailed document on the website showing the costs of the program. The costs for their dental assistant training online should however be found out by calling the information department. For the standard course of 4 quarters the tuition fee is $5977. The costs are higher but it comes with the privilege of studying at one of the best colleges that nation has.

Monroe Community College

Monroe Community College is an admirable dental assistant training school providing its dental assistant program on campus and also through the internet. Monroe Community College has been named on several occasions as one of the most innovative community colleges due to its programs and how it paces with the time to provide students with modern education. Another great thing about this college is that it caters to the needs of a lot of female students. The recent enrollments show that the percentage of female students is higher than that of boys’.

The college has been assisting students in getting to their destinations and picking their favorite professions since 1961. The online dental assistant program is being provided by the college with the help of SUNY (State University of New York). All the lectures and whatever material is required in the program is made available by the college to the students once they have successfully enrolled in the program. A high school diploma is however required for all students who want to become a part of this program whether at campus or through the online learning portal.

Their dental assistant classes online require the students to complete 500 hours before the program is completed. Once all the courses have been cleared the college does the job of preparing the transcript to request the licensure for you. It is definitely one of the best places for students to start with their dental assistant program. The program here is comprehensive and there are multiple instructors assisting with the program. More information can be obtained from the official website of the colleges and number and emails for the personnel who can help with further information are also given on the website.

Madison College

Madison College is also a great place for online classes for dental assistant. This college also provides several other program and covers a wide range of professions. Architecture & constructions, Agriculture, Food, Transportation, Marketing, Human Services, Science, Technology, Engineering and many others are offered at Madison College. The college has taken all the steps to make the future of its students secure and thus no program is provided without accreditation. The institute itself is accredited by Higher Learning Commission. The program offered by the college is not a partial or hybrid online program.

The dental assistant online classes are fully fledged online and the entire course is completed without visiting the campus even for once. The students in this program don’t have to order any books to be shipped to their address. The books are rather e-books that can be read on the website whenever the student wishes to. However, the books can also be ordered on the website to be delivered if that’s how you find it easy for yourself. There is a portal on the website from where the students can order their books. However, the students must make sure to order the books prior to starting their semester.

The maximum credits covered by any class or subject are 3 credits. There is a sequence which is given on the website to take the online courses because some students wish to pick the courses one by one. The problem here is that not all courses are offered by the college in all of its semesters so it is best advised that students see the sequence on the website for picking the courses. An important point that students must remember while taking the online dental assistant course from Madison College is that like other colleges the program is not self-paced here and the students have to maintain the pace of the college while studying.

Dental Assistant Schools in Virginia

There is always a starting place for those who have the desire to practice dentistry. Certainly, it is in acquiring the right training that would get one started with the right skills. No wonder, there are several dental assistant schools in Virginia that provide the kind of training needed by all those who share the dream. The programs are quite innovative and short term and would suit any kind of schedule. Those who have this kind of dream should not let it die but instead find some of the best schools and get appropriate training.

Everest College

Everest College is one of the right places you can jumpstart your dentistry dream. The college offers hands on career education in most established career fields including dental assistant. The programs offered by the college are quite short and in just a year or so you shall have completed your training and ready to get into the work force. The courses such as the dental assistant programs in Virginia from Everest are taught by instructors who are former industry professionals and eager to provide the practical insights into the subjects they teach. Everest College is dedicated to your success today and in future.

The college has flexible schedules that are designed with working adults in mind and the support systems are designed to help the students succeed both inside and outside the classroom. The college also offers career services professionals who can help you find post-graduation employment opportunities. Further, the college also makes arrangements for financial aid for those who qualify. The college has 2 campuses, one in Woodbridge and another in Chesapeake.

The dental assistant program is the best way you can become an important part of a dental healthcare team. The college’s program educates its students on how for performing chairside assisting processes as well as related laboratory and office tasks with the supervision and direction of a dentist. The students learn different tasks that train them on handling various responsibilities while delivering dental care. The program equips students with the knowledge of fundamental dental sciences, expertise in clinical and laboratory skills along with practical experience that involves focused dental practices. In short, the program provides study of dental specialties, radiography, dental office emergencies, laboratory procedures, operatory dentistry, orthodontics and dental anatomy.

Fortis College

Fortis College takes pride in providing students with more than just the student number. The college is committed to success of its students both inside the classroom and beyond. With new facilities, relevant hands on training, tutoring and convenient locations, Fortis can make it happen to you in just a short time. The college currently has 14 campuses spread across US.

The school endeavors to provide students with the right skills and training necessary to enter careers in industries that have employment opportunity over time. Indeed, Fortis is a post-secondary network of colleges and institutes with a wide variety of educational choices. The college provides education and training for qualified applicants with a genuine desire to better their career opportunities regardless of previous educational background. The school has more than 40 campus locations across the United States and you can get dental assistant training in Virginia in one of its campuses.  Successful students of Fortis are able to gain entry level employment opportunities as dental assistant in a variety of work environments.

The dental assistant program ensures that you get a great career working with dentists and helping people. You will master what you need to be able to provide dental care and comfort to patients. You will learn what it takes to perform routine tasks since dentists need to devote their time to more complex procedures. The program is structures in such a way that you will know how to perform dentist procedures like fillings and bridges. The training is structured in such a way that you will learn hands on techniques and strategies of working in treatment and the operation room with dentist directly. You will also learn how you can work chair side while dentists examine their patients. The course will equip students with what they need for working in group dental practices and private, mobile dental units, specialty dental practices, hospitals, insurance companies, nursing homes, private and public health facilities and dental school clinics.

Danville Community College

Danville Community College is committed to providing quality comprehensive higher education and workforce programs and services to promote student success and to enhance business and community development. The college has a vision of being the college of choice in the region for exemplary educational programs and services. The college is one of the 23 colleges in the Virginia Community College System. The college values multicultural diversity of its students, faculty and staff and is committed to creating and nurturing a campus environment that welcomes and empowers all individuals. The college is governed by policies established by the state board for Community Colleges and with the support and advice of Danville Community College Board.


The college has an open admissions policy and you can be sure to get dental assistant certification in Virginia from the college if you have a high school diploma or equivalent and are at least 18 years old. The college will however require that you engage in developmental studies before you start your course work. The college has a humble history. It is the offspring of two institutions, Danville Technical Institute and Danville Division of Virginia Polytechnic Institute which has gone through series of transformations.

The dental assistant program from DCC will see you help others get a perfect smile and also calm and soothe others during times of minor stress. The lectures are flexible and provided via VTEL instruction and supervision for clinical instruction is done in the new DCC dental clinic. The course takes 2 years and is divided in 5 semesters. Among the units taught is oral anatomy in first trimester, management of dental pain and anxiety, microbiology among others. You can actually get to know more about DCC and the course structure on their website. The course is of high quality and accredited.