Dental Assistant Schools in Virginia

There is always a starting place for those who have the desire to practice dentistry. Certainly, it is in acquiring the right training that would get one started with the right skills. No wonder, there are several dental assistant schools in Virginia that provide the kind of training needed by all those who share the dream. The programs are quite innovative and short term and would suit any kind of schedule. Those who have this kind of dream should not let it die but instead find some of the best schools and get appropriate training.

Everest College

Everest College is one of the right places you can jumpstart your dentistry dream. The college offers hands on career education in most established career fields including dental assistant. The programs offered by the college are quite short and in just a year or so you shall have completed your training and ready to get into the work force. The courses such as the dental assistant programs in Virginia from Everest are taught by instructors who are former industry professionals and eager to provide the practical insights into the subjects they teach. Everest College is dedicated to your success today and in future.

The college has flexible schedules that are designed with working adults in mind and the support systems are designed to help the students succeed both inside and outside the classroom. The college also offers career services professionals who can help you find post-graduation employment opportunities. Further, the college also makes arrangements for financial aid for those who qualify. The college has 2 campuses, one in Woodbridge and another in Chesapeake.

The dental assistant program is the best way you can become an important part of a dental healthcare team. The college’s program educates its students on how for performing chairside assisting processes as well as related laboratory and office tasks with the supervision and direction of a dentist. The students learn different tasks that train them on handling various responsibilities while delivering dental care. The program equips students with the knowledge of fundamental dental sciences, expertise in clinical and laboratory skills along with practical experience that involves focused dental practices. In short, the program provides study of dental specialties, radiography, dental office emergencies, laboratory procedures, operatory dentistry, orthodontics and dental anatomy.

Fortis College

Fortis College takes pride in providing students with more than just the student number. The college is committed to success of its students both inside the classroom and beyond. With new facilities, relevant hands on training, tutoring and convenient locations, Fortis can make it happen to you in just a short time. The college currently has 14 campuses spread across US.

The school endeavors to provide students with the right skills and training necessary to enter careers in industries that have employment opportunity over time. Indeed, Fortis is a post-secondary network of colleges and institutes with a wide variety of educational choices. The college provides education and training for qualified applicants with a genuine desire to better their career opportunities regardless of previous educational background. The school has more than 40 campus locations across the United States and you can get dental assistant training in Virginia in one of its campuses.  Successful students of Fortis are able to gain entry level employment opportunities as dental assistant in a variety of work environments.

The dental assistant program ensures that you get a great career working with dentists and helping people. You will master what you need to be able to provide dental care and comfort to patients. You will learn what it takes to perform routine tasks since dentists need to devote their time to more complex procedures. The program is structures in such a way that you will know how to perform dentist procedures like fillings and bridges. The training is structured in such a way that you will learn hands on techniques and strategies of working in treatment and the operation room with dentist directly. You will also learn how you can work chair side while dentists examine their patients. The course will equip students with what they need for working in group dental practices and private, mobile dental units, specialty dental practices, hospitals, insurance companies, nursing homes, private and public health facilities and dental school clinics.

Danville Community College

Danville Community College is committed to providing quality comprehensive higher education and workforce programs and services to promote student success and to enhance business and community development. The college has a vision of being the college of choice in the region for exemplary educational programs and services. The college is one of the 23 colleges in the Virginia Community College System. The college values multicultural diversity of its students, faculty and staff and is committed to creating and nurturing a campus environment that welcomes and empowers all individuals. The college is governed by policies established by the state board for Community Colleges and with the support and advice of Danville Community College Board.


The college has an open admissions policy and you can be sure to get dental assistant certification in Virginia from the college if you have a high school diploma or equivalent and are at least 18 years old. The college will however require that you engage in developmental studies before you start your course work. The college has a humble history. It is the offspring of two institutions, Danville Technical Institute and Danville Division of Virginia Polytechnic Institute which has gone through series of transformations.

The dental assistant program from DCC will see you help others get a perfect smile and also calm and soothe others during times of minor stress. The lectures are flexible and provided via VTEL instruction and supervision for clinical instruction is done in the new DCC dental clinic. The course takes 2 years and is divided in 5 semesters. Among the units taught is oral anatomy in first trimester, management of dental pain and anxiety, microbiology among others. You can actually get to know more about DCC and the course structure on their website. The course is of high quality and accredited.