Dental Assistant Schools In Dallas

Dental assistant jobs are in growing demand; the Labor department believes that there will be a thirty one percent increase in the amount of dental assistants by 2020. With the increasing demand for this job there are more schools available for this training.  It is tough to choose which school to go to when thinking about training there are so many options available. Here is a review of three specialist dental assistant schools in Dallas.

Aspire Dental Assistant School

Aspire dental assistant school is a specifically designed school for dental assistant training in Dallas. It has two great dental clinic locations for students to train in. The staff here is very qualified and has been working in the industry for many years bringing great levels of experience.

The classroom portion of this program is held at Preston Hollow Specialists Clinic where there is state of the art technology to make the classroom experience the best it can be. The clinical component of this course is to be undertaken at the operating practice of Robinson Dentistry. This course offers hands on training in a clinical setting.

This course is designed as an accelerated course to be completed in just 10 weeks. This course is fully compliant with the State of Texas regulations. At the end of the course students will be awarded a certificate in dental assisting. Students will then be required to sit the exams required to become a dental assistant in the State of Texas.

Dental assistants need to be comfortable around people which is why at Aspire you get to be hands on with people in a real clinic in your first week of training. Aspire knows from years of dental assistant experience that learning to deal with different patients needs is one of the greatest challenges a dental assistant will face. The Aspire advantage is that they teach the intricacies of patient communication that can’t be taught in a classroom.

East Texas Dental Assistant College

In 2006 the State of Texas made it so that to become a dental assistant you had to sit mandated courses and exams. It was then that there was a need for more specialized training for dental assistants, so this school was created. The director of this school is a licensed dentist and the lead instructor is a qualified dental assistant with over 15 years of experience.

This school is designed that after this fast 10 week program students will be able to start as a trained dental assistant and complete the necessary exams required by the State of Texas. After the completion of the 10 week course students will need to undertake a 3 day externship and then they will be awarded a certificate of completion. This is one of the best accelerated dental assistant programs in Dallas.

Students only spend one day per week in the classroom. They are then assigned one day a week where they will chair assist the director and lead instructor to deliver patient care in the dental office. After the 10 weeks students will spend one week of internship offering unassisted dental care with the dentist in the onsite clinic. Then there is one week of dental assistant training in an assigned local dentist office to complete their externship.

In summary this course is 10 days of lectures and a minimum of 13 days of chair side experience spanning over the 12 week course duration. The total learning experience is completed in 180 hours of direct instruction or a total of 240 hours for completing the dental assistant course. Upon completion of this course students will receive a certificate of completion and a letter of introduction for their resume signed by the course director.

Kaplan College

The Kaplan College campus in Dallas offers career focused programs in healthcare and paralegal fields. The classes at this campus are offered in the day or evening so that students can fit the course around their life commitments. By choosing a comprehensive course of study you may become a viable candidate for employment in your chosen field.

Kaplan College offers some great options to help during study at their campus. They offer an employment assistance program, which means they will help find part time employment while you are study to help with costs of training. They can also help with finding employment at the completion of the course. Kaplan College also offer refresher courses at no cost provided there is space in the classroom. Kaplan College is committed to making studying the easiest possible and to fit around your daily life so that studying doesn’t affect commitments already held by the students.

The Dallas campus offers a perfect environment for getting the finest training experience. The lab has a complete dental operatory, autoclave, x-ray area, lab sinks, dental instruments and worktables. The dental computer lab has billing software which is updated regularly and used by most dental practices.

This course is a yearlong program at the end of which students will graduate with a diploma in dental assisting. Choosing a longer course may not work for some people who wish to get started in the industry sooner but having a diploma in dental assisting may help to get the right job. With the need for dental assistants increasing more people will be training and to have an edge over the competition in a job interview having a higher qualification is a great advantage.

This course is available to fit around your current schedule with flexible class schedules. At the end of the course students will need to sit the exams regulated by the State of Texas to achieve dental assistant certification in Dallas.  Students completing this course will feel they have had a chance to get valued experience over a good amount of time, making sure that students feel they are completely comfortable with all aspects required from a dental assistant. Spending a little bit more time studying may not get you into the workforce as quickly but it may allow movement and progression at a quicker rate than other dental assistants.