Dental Assistant Schools in GA

Dental assistant training in modern days become one of the aspiring careers for the students to pursue as they are lots of scope of job opportunities. So lots of colleges in ga have started giving this opportunity to many students by offering the course in the institutes. Every college is different from one another in many respects like the syllabus hours and in the placement helps along with the financial grants and scholarships. So let’s discuss the scopes of dental assistant training in the ga with top colleges’ overview to ensure the readers about the future and scope of this health care domain.

UEI College

The dental assistant program in this institute is well equipped with modern technology and with lots of hand on training. If you are searching for the most dental assistant program in ga then this is the best place where you can enroll yourself.

Program overview

The dental assistant program of this institute is about 8 months and after completion students get certificates and start to prepare for the job haunting. The following are the overview of the course:

  • Students have to place and prepare the instrument for the dental procedure.
  • They have to handle the patient record.
  • They have to give instruction top the patients regarding oral health care and its benefits.
  • Students have to sterilize and disinfect the dental tools for using.
  • They have to assist the dentists during the dental exams and the checking procedures.

Career outcome for the dental assistant training

  • After completing the training you can start your own career as a private dental assistant in a dental office.
  • You can go for the government job.
  • Can work as an assistant to dentists.
  • Also can work as an employee in government health department.

Admission procedure

The student has to choose any one of the UEI campus before going for admissions. Then you have to make contact with the college admission group.

Then you have to explain your goals and requirement to the associate team and as per you information the team will help you out to begin the admission process.

Financial aid

The institute provides different grants like state, institutional, and federal grants where the student does not have to repay it in later. Apart from these scholarships the students are also facilitated with study loans to complete their educations.

West Georgia technical colleges

The dental assistant program of this college provides the students variety of skills, knowledge and hands on technologies to grow them as perfect professionals in the dental community.

Different career scope

  1. Graduates are employed as the chair side assistant in general dentistry.
  2. They can also become the pediatric dentistry.
  3. Apart from the above careers they can also pursue them in oral surgery, periodontics, and orthodontics, endodontic and even as the prosthodontics.
  4. Many sectors hire these professionals as insurance coordinators or as the infection control coordinators.
  5. Students can also become dental office assistants and even become the dental hygienist with the help of this program.

There are two types of certifications are available in this college for the graduates. They can choose the basic or the advance level of certification as per their comfort ability and time.

In the advance level of certification student has go for 14 credits of class that comprises of 4 modules that includes dental assisting, dental radiology, dental practice managements and dental practicum 1 with credits as; 7, 4, 2 and 1 respectively.

For the basic program certification the student has to go for 14 credit exam syllabus that includes microbiology and infection control, dental anatomy and chair-side dental assisting. The credits for the above programs are distributed 3, 5 and 6 respectfully.

Anthem College

The college provides skills that will make eligible the students in chair-side management skills, laboratory procedure and radiography technologies.

Students also able to learn practical training skills through tray set up, film development, chart making, and even the x-ray procedures.

There is another course is there that is dealing with administrative part that usually covers the insurance, billing procedures, scheduling, collection and above all the dental record managements.

Apart from the studies the college also gives opportunities to the students to take part in the professional conference where the student will be able to learn different demonstrations about the real time experiences of the dental assistants.

The college also provides professional guidelines to the students after completion of their courses regarding resume preparation, interview practices, and mock interview arrangements so that they will be able to enter into main stream of dental health as an entry level position.

Apart from the course syllabus the college also provides allied health guides, universal precaution and OSHA guidelines to the students to make them better understand the real dentistry world.