Dental Assistant Schools In New York

Some of the best dental assistant schools in New York came up because dental assistant programs have become very attractive. One reason is because there is a very high demand for dental assistants with an estimated 36% increase in these positions over the next 8 years, therefore making job prospect excellent. It also comes along with a competitive salary package which is attractive and with a great potential for growth. Dental assistants with a solid grasp of oral care essentials, adequate experience working with patients and the latest technological advances are greatly valued by dental office employers. The following are some of the best dental assistant schools in NY in which can help in starting a great career journey.

The Mandl College of Allied Health

The school was founded in 1924 as a for-profit institution and is located 3.7 miles from the centre of the city of New York. It offers three certificates and one associate’s level degree to students. The subjects offered by the school include dental assisting, medical assisting and surgical technology.

Mandl College is a New York based facility with a fully equipped setting which allows the student access to invaluable hands-on dental learning experiences. The college boasts one of the best among the many dental assistant programs in NY, which combines the latest technologies and hands-on experience to equip the learners with relevant skill-sets. The school’s curriculum is actually based on three semesters which gives room for the learner to practice on the job skills as well as troubleshooting on-the-job scenarios through a 300-hour professional internship. The curriculum also teaches the students the essentials of working in a dental office and applying relevant skills.

For applicants to qualify for admission, they must have received a high school diploma. Students are able to learn about various skills as well as perform on a huge number of tasks on the job. Receiving a dental assisting certificate permits the learner to work in a number of settings including large government hospitals, private practice offices, small dental clinics and dental labs.

New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants

Conveniently located just about 10 minutes from Times Square in Long Island, The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants has trained dental assistants since 1967. The school has also been giving a helping hand in securing employment for graduates throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Long Island.

The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants has been recognized by The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges as a“2010’’ ACCSC School of Excellence. In fact, graduates from The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants are always ready to launch their career quickly and successfully as they are provided with what could be referred to as one the best dental assistant training in NY. The dental assistant program is designed to prepare the students for their career in as little as eight months only! The school has a practical approach to training with a very critical combination of classroom learning and intensive hands-on practice in the dental lab classrooms. There are also customized clinical externships which enable students to gain experience, skills and self-confidence as well. The dental assistant program also enables students to work with both dental specialists and general dentists as it provides chair-side, administrative and laboratory skills.

The good news for students is that the school offers affordable day and evening programs with financial aid available to qualified students. The school also offers tuition payment plans and benefits as well but only after eligibility of the student is confirmed. Students with no experience in medicine need not worry because the program is designed to prepare both women and men with no experience in the dental field for employment as dental assistants. For a great and bright future as dental assistants, students are encouraged to join The New York School of Medical and Dental Assistants which offers approved Dental career training and dental certification in NY.

Micropower Career Institute

Micropower Career Institute is one of NY dental assistant school that has been providing dental assistant program training and education for over 15 years. The school, having been founded in 1993 is a for-profit institution which is situated near the centre of the city in New York. Apart from this, the school has been accredited by the Council on Occupational Education. It provides educational opportunities with an emphasis in developing relevant skills and gaining adequate knowledge in dental assistant program to enable students to be able to handle dental procedures in the most appropriate manner.

The dental assistant program at Micropower Career Institute trains the student to prepare the patient adequately for treatment, prepare tray setups for dental procedures, educate the patients on proper oral care, maintaining dental records, sterilization and disinfection of instruments and taking X-ray examinations as directed by the dentist. The program is run by highly qualified and skilled instructors and the externships other than classroom hours are offered to students at no extra charge.

The learning environment is very conducive because of the small size classes with flexible class hours. For students who would like to join the dental assistant program at Micropower Career Institute, no prior medical or computer experience is required to be able to commence. Learning is of high quality owing to the well equipped laboratories which enable students to develop their skills through the application of the relevant and most applicable facilities.

The students are required to spend a total of 600hours in the classroom, with 300 hours being for Externship.  Under-privileged students wishing to join the program are encouraged to do so as the school offers financial aid. Books and relevant learning materials are also at the students’ disposal to enable them go through their coursework with ease. After successful completion of the curriculum and passing their exams, students are ready to venture into the employment field fully armed with the required skills and expertise.