Top Dental Assistant Schools in Arkansas

In the current market scenario, the dental health care is one of the most required jobs in the whole health care unit. So lots of students try their luck in becoming a dental assistant apart from dentists, as dental assistant job is multitasking. In Arkansas there are lots of colleges are providing  this opportunity to a lots of student in different manners. Let’s have a look to the facility and scope provided by different colleges of Arkansas and it is described as below;

Pulaski technical college

The dental assistant program of this institute has been accredited by the American Dental Commission of Dental education. In this institute the course usually starts at month of august and ends at May, a nine month program.

For the applying in this college for the dental assistant program in this college, applicant must have age above than 18. The student must have a high school diploma or have a GED.

Dental assistant program objectives

  • The dental assistant must have to work in the unit for providing better dental care to the people.
  • They have to assist the dentists in complex dental issues of the patient.
  • They have to communicate properly with families, persons and with the doctors to resolve the issue quickly.
  • The dental assistants have to posses’ proper knowledge of scientific principles along with practical experiences to understand any kind of issue properly.
  • The dental assistants have to show interest in welfare of the community members along with the citizens in a proper direction.
  • They need to practice the ethical and legal responsibilities as they are the member of dental health care unit.
  • They can even go for higher studies side by side by doing their jobs.

In this college usually 9 months is required to complete the syllabus. The courses of this syllabus are given below;

  1. Dental science
  2. Biomedical science
  3. Clinical science part 1
  4. Chair-side assistance part 1
  5. Dental materials
  6. Dental radiography
  7. Preventive dentistry
  8. Advanced dental materials
  9. Advanced dental radiography
  10. Chair-side assisting part 2
  11. Clinical science part two
  12. Clinical practices and seminars.

Little rock school of dental assisting

This school is one of major providers of dental assistant program in Arkansas area. The school provides hands on knowledge to the students on dental assistant with the accommodation facility.

During the Fridays the students not only gain the syllabus but also gains practical knowledge by becoming the registered dental assistant (RDA).

All about the course

  • The program makes the students to carry forward their experience to laboratory, clinical and official duties.
  • The classes are conducted 5 days in a week from 8 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening. Usually there is one class in one year, but sometimes there are 2 seasons are arranged as per the demand of the course.
  • In every 10 weeks there will be a semester with testing at the end of the program.
  • After completion, the graduate receives certificates and prepares to become registered dental assistant.
  • The aspirants have to clear the state dental board examination to become one registered dental assistant.
  • The exams include radiography, nitrous oxide administration, coronal polishing, and the infection control.
  • The studies materials of this university are designed in the way that students will be easily pass the examination.
  • The college usually accepts 10 students per semester based upon the interview and applications.

Program fees

The fee for the dental assistant program is around $3900 and an additional charge of $100 of registration fee.

In the course fee the lab, the library charges are included except the transportation facility. The course fee also covers the licensing and certification fees for the syllabus related practical.

Curriculum detail

  1. 1st week: introduction to dental assistant, anatomy and physiology, dental anatomy.
  2. 2nd week: disease transmission, treatment room preparation, instrument processing etc.
  3. 3rd week: clinical dentistry, dental examination
  4. 4th week: radiation safety and control, oral radiography.
  5. 5th week: preventive care, coronal polishing.
  6. 6th week: CPR certification
  7. 7th week: nitrous oxide certification.
  8. 8th week: periodontics, orthodontics, endodontic….
  9. 9th week: state board exam
  10. 10th week: final review.

North west Arkansas community college

This college is one of the developed institutes in Arkansas area. The dental assistant program in Arkansas in this institute is highly appreciated program for the learners in the whole Arkansas area.

By completing this course students can pursue their career as following:

  1. Dental assistant
  2. Dentists
  3. Dental hygienist
  4. Sales representative
  5. Dental equipment technician
  6. Dental lab technician

After completion of the course student can perform following tasks:

  1. Develop the x-ray
  2. Organize patient files
  3. Prepare the patient for accurate consultation.
  4. Clerical operations and they can also take part in management jobs of the office.
  5. They can order the lab equipments as they are certified.