Dental Assistant Schools in Florida

Dental assistant program is increasingly gaining a lot of popularity, and with many students in Florida opting for it, there is need for them to find out which schools are offering the course. There are several colleges and universities that are considered some of the best dental assistant Schools in Florida. Despite these schools being located in 5 cities in the state, the largest number of accredited dental assistant schools is in Orlando and West Palm Beach. Some of the best schools are discussed below.

Indian River State College

This college has been in existence for 50 years over the years, Indian River State College (IRSC) has earned a statewide reputation for its exemplary performance and excellence. The school offers over 100 programs leading to Technical Certificates, Applied Technology Diplomas, Associate Degrees and Bachelor’s Degrees. It is also recognized as a national model for the creative use of technology in education. In fact, IRSC has been ranked as the 5th most affordable college in the country. IRSC has a tremendous reputation for quality.

The Dental Assistant Associate degree can help students channel their abilities into a great career. The students are able to benefit from a career-focused curriculum well as get the chance to learn and train in real dental labs. The dental assistant program at IRSC also includes an externship experience which provides students with adequate experience in their dental practice.

The graduates are able to compete for clinical or administrative entry-level positions which include areas such as circulating assistant, hygiene assistant, patient coordinator and infection control coordinator. With the Associate degree, the graduate will be prepared for a rewarding professional career as a dental assistant along with the related dental fields like management, education and marketing. The graduate will also be able to work with the dentist and perform tasks such as patient preparation, sterilization of instruments and preparation of materials for dental procedures. Apart from these, the students are also trained on how to make temporary crowns, administration of fluoride treatments, taking radiographs and polishing teeth.

All programs for dental assistant training in Florida are committed to the principle of diversity, and that is why this program is open to all qualified persons who comply with the American’s disabilities Act. All through their training, students will be exposed to acquiring skills, knowledge and attitude which will help them to complete their course of study successfully and hence be able to perform their functions as a certified dental assistant. Students may take the dental assistant course before acceptance into the program. The entire program is spread over two semesters with a total study time of 72 hours.


Eastern Florida State College

Established in 1971 as Brevard Community College, the Eastern Florida State College is a not-for-Profit Organization. The funds that are raised on behalf of the Foundation benefit EFSC students. The Eastern Florida State College Foundation is actually the channel through which various supporters contribute to the College’s scholarships for students and educational programs. The college has provided over $2.5 million dollars in scholarships in the past five years with every dollar benefitting the students.

Admission to the dental assistant diploma program is very limited. The program has been accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation. During admission, there is a selection committee which is guided by a point system. However, the ultimate and final decisions are solely the responsibility of the selection committee. The applicant’s role is to provide the necessary documentation which enables support to the point system. One-on-one attention from highly skilled and qualified professors at Eastern Florida State College helps to produce successful students. Students are trained on all the key areas in the program’s curriculum which drives at instilling the best skills and attitudes in the students. They are trained on patient preparation, sterilization of equipment and instruments, handling dental emergencies, performing radiographs and any other duties as may be instructed by the dentist.

Apart from the highly skilled instructors, the students also have access to high quality text books which help them in their revision and in polishing up the acquired skills. They are also exposed to well equip labs to enhance their clinical practice and promote a hands-on experience.

The graduates from the program are qualified to take the Dental Assisting National Board exam, and the dental assistants successfully completing this exam are allowed to use title ‘Certified Dental Assistant’ or the ‘CDA’ initials along with their name.

Anthem College

Anthem College was established in 1982. Since then, the college has continued to provide its students with the best hands-on training programs which have helped them to develop their knowledge and skills base, in order to meet the demands of today’s employers. The school offers programs in areas of technology, business, paralegal and healthcare.

Anthem College offers one of the best dental assistant certification in Florida, which helps in preparing students to deliver the best patient care, perform administrative duties in their dental practices as well as be able to work in a laboratory. The program mainly trains the students on chair-side skills, performing x-rays, basic laboratory procedures, dental health, and identifying the dental anatomy. The coursework takes as little as a year, after which the students are released to go and practice.

The school has highly qualified instructors who have embraced a career-focused, student centered approach to education. This is designed to provide the students with the relevant skills and techniques which they need to enter into the workforce after they graduate. As a matter of fact, the school ensures that by the time the students are graduating, they are well prepared for the job market and have all the adequate dental assistant knowledge required. The school also helps the students in seeking employment by teaching them various interview techniques, preparing resumes and the cover letters. After the completion of the coursework, students can utilize an opportunity to apply their skills in an externship as they perform real dental practice.