Dental Assistant Schools in Michigan

Some of the most reputable dental assistant schools in Michigan are highly sought after by the many students who want to pursue a career in this field. Dental assistant positions are available in many job markets nationwide and the highest qualified candidates experience the greatest demand. Dental assistant programs in Michigan are offered in some of the schools discussed below.

Delta College

For many years now, Delta College has been making a huge difference in the lives of many people in the Lakes Bay Region since 1961. It has managed to produce some of the very best graduates many of whom the college played a deciding factor in their success. For anyone applying for the first time, it will be noticeable that the staff and faculty in Delta College are very dedicated in providing a truly educational firs hand experience.

The dental assistant program at Delta College has been tremendously excellent. Those who graduate from this program are prepared to face the employment world with confidence and determination. The students are trained in many significant areas in relation to dentistry such as preventive and surgical procedures, operative restorative, assisting the dentist in diagnostic procedures as well as performing any other independent duties as instructed by the dentist, once the student passes the RDA exam. Registered Dental Assistants are able to perform selective polishing, periodontal dressing, dental dams, temporary crowns, cavity liners and bases, orthodontic ligatures and elastics, place sealants, take radiographs and impressions, provide patient education, remove sutures, and perform office business.

Delta College highly believes in each student’s potential and abilities, and therefore the instructors fully focus on each individual student.  The school offers one of the best dental assistant training in Michigan. Upon completion of the dental assistant program, the students are eligible to take up the Certification exam of the Dental Assisting National Board in order to become a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA). The students can also take the Michigan Department of Community Health exam to become a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA). The dental assistant program at Delta College is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Associations.

The dental assistant program at Delta College has certain goals. These include: Preparing the student to successfully complete the NDA certification; to prepare the students to successfully complete the State of Michigan Licensure Exam (MLE) for a Registered Dental Assistant; to allow the students the chance to develop general education capabilities as stated in the General Education requirements of Delta College; to prepare the student for entry level into employment, therefore making it the most appropriate starting point.


Lake Michigan College

The foundation of Lake Michigan College has a very rich history; that of working with its alumni and community in the provision of support for programs and students since the year 1987. The alumni’s efforts together with other sponsors have greatly benefited many students as well as the college in many ways. It has improved academic excellence through development of faculties and educational tools which have aided in innovative learning, arts and entertainment has been greatly supported and scholarships have been available to the students each year.

The dental assistant program at Lake Michigan College adequately prepares the students to take up the Registered Dental Assistant exam after which they will be trained members of the Dental Health Team which provides patient care under the close supervision of a licensed dentist. The school is considered to be offering one of the most reputable dental assistant certification in Michigan. Through the program, the students are trained on the skills and knowledge which are required for a successful and rewarding career in dental assisting. The training combines the technical chair-side with laboratory education, and organization and speaking skills. The classes are usually taught at the Napier Avenue campus in some of the newest dental assisting classrooms which were officially opened in 2011. Other dental assistant classes are also taught at Bertrand Crossing campus in Niles. The students also receive a hands-on experience through clinical classes which are carried out in the field.

Students taking up the dental assistant program at Lake Michigan College are not quite limited by semester deadlines. They can commence courses any time during any semester through Open Entry or Open Exit format and the program may be taken full time or part time. During the coursework, the students are trained using technology-based equipment because the modern dental offices use technology on a daily basis.

For a great a fulfilling career as a dental assistant, students are highly encouraged to try Lake Michigan College.

Ross Medical Education Centre

This school has a very impressive legacy. It started in 1969 and was opened by J.M Ross in Michigan using the name Learning Foundations. The school initially provided after-school academic instructions from kindergarten through to the twelfth grade. Later on, six more schools were opened from 1969-1971.

Ross Medical Education Centre offers a dental assistant program which provides hands-on training in areas like: The role of OSHA in the operation of the dental office; completion of dental claim forms; use of dental instrumentation; performing some basic administration duties and developing independent job seeking skills. Through the dental assistant program at Ross Medical Education Centre, students are well prepared to become the best candidates for their first dental career opportunity. They also acquire skills which are necessary to be relevantly proficient in the dental fields. The school has gone a step further and is also preparing students with techniques in networking, writing of professional resumes as well as interview strategies.  Graduates from Ross find that local employers in every city are seeking after their skills.

At Ross Medical Education Centre, students are required to complete practical externship first before graduating. This is crucial as it gives the students an opportunity to apply what they have learned to a real world setting. Ross is very committed to student continuous development, which is why it is the best place to be.