Dental Assistant Schools in AZ

The dental assistant program is one of the brightest careers in the entire medical field. People in this career people used to get good remunerations with a longtime career assurance. Students are able to get certification easily and the state also recognized these certifications also. So lots of institutes in Arizona area have been given the opportunities to many students to pursue this career. So here we will discuss some of the reviews on the dental assistant program in AZ and through this article people can understand the different aspects of this program.

Arizona school of dental assisting

This school was founded by Dr. Enrico Divito and Ms. Lisa Stevenson in the year of 2001. They both are recognized as the well trained dental assistant trainer as well as a professional since 1981. The mission of this institute is to prepare the individuals with good technical skills along with proficient knowledge so that they can serve the society in a better way.

After successful completion of the dental assistant program the students can able to get the following benefits with a 100% guarantee.

Facility of this program

  • Students with a certain amount of experience can able to get an income of $30,000 per annum without any hesitation. Along with this they can bag additional paid holiday and pension participation.
  • The participants of this course will be always in high demand because it has been found that there are 80,000 openings in every year for this kind of professionals. Students can complete this course with a part time or full time style as per their comfort ability.
  • People from this discipline easily get the position of office managers, expanded function assistant, treatment coordinator and can even become the anesthetic technician.
  • The dental assistant job is not a desk job; with this job professionals used to interact with the people regularly in a very active manner and people also pay respect to the dynamism of this profession.

Program duration, timing, & placements

  • The duration of the above program is around 112 hours and the course usually finishes in 12 weeks. Students can choose different time slots as per their comfort level and can take this course as part time or full time.
  • After completion of the course the school, provides the job assistance by preparing the students with the updated resume. But as a matter of fact the school does not provide any job guarantee.

Rio Salado college

In-depth about the course

  • In this school the student has to devote around 12 month or around the 300 hours to get the certification program. This institute is accredited by the commission on dental accreditation (CODA) of the American dental association (ADA).
  • The main benefit of this institute is that it is the only institute that has been developed by the partnership with the Arizona dental association (AzDA). So this institute is considered as one of the leading opportunity provider in dental assistant program in AZ.
  • The entire course usually covers the x-ray imaging, clinical skills along with the dental anatomy with which the student can start a great career.
  • Students can apply for the internship program with this 300 hour of program.


This college has been accredited regionally by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The HLC is a non government body from where most of the United States colleges had taken the accreditations.

Education programs like dental hygiene, teacher education and the dental assistant have some special accreditation from the national accrediting body. The students have to take a different national level of entrance examinations after completion of the dental assistant program to gain a professional certificate.

Altrain dental school

This dental assistant program in AZ is one of the quality education providers and prepares the students to have a better career graph and education.

  • On the completion of the program the student can join different kind of job prospects like chair side assistant, hygiene assistant, sterilization assistant and even can assist as a front office appointer.
  • Apart from the above posts the students can also go for the post like circulating assistants, patient coordinator, hygiene assistant, and even the infection control coordinator.
  • During the dental assistant program the students learn about the basic dental laboratory procedures, dental radiology techniques, dental office skills and above all the dental procedural coding.
  • After graduating usually the students are placed in the dental offices in entry level positions; after that they can also expand their regions to the well trained dental assistants as per the Bureau Labor Statics department.

Externship program

After successful completion of the course the students can apply for the externship program where they will be challenged by the extensive knowledge of the program. During this externship program the students will come to know more about the workplace environment and also they can meet the industry experts and professionals.