Top Dental Assistant Schools in NJ

In the modern medical field the necessity of the dental assistant is quite necessary as compared to other technicians as they play a vital role in the hospitals and in the society as well. So it becomes quite common in places like New Jersey to have a lot of openings in the dental schools where lots of students try their luck in the mentioned discipline. So it is quite obvious to know the benefits and the drawbacks of every institute before you started researching for to pursue a career in the dental assistant. So here we will discuss in detail about this program of the top dental assistant schools in NJ.

Camden county college

  • Program detail
  1. The benefit of the dental program of this institute is that the student can even prepare for the state radiology taste with the whole coaching program. This program also benefits the students in qualifying the national and state level certification test without having the experience in the real time work field.
  2. The eligibility in the state registration permits the students to perform the expanded intraoral procedure with the help of the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry.
  3. The above program can be taken as part time or full time as per the wish of the aspiring student. The part time program is always in the evening, but anyhow the student has to attain the day classes in the final semesters for the supervised clinical experience.
  • Continuation program

The working dental professional can also take benefit of the course as the institute has facilitated that opportunity. The working professionals can join courses like dental radiology, expanded function and even the certification programs.

  • Completion and placements

After completion of 1 year program the students will receive certificates from the Camden County College. Then they will be eligible for the certification examination for dental Assistant (CDA) and the radiologist licensure examination. After successful completion of the certificate program the student can go for the New Jersey State Registration.

Central career institute

The certification programming of this dental assistant school in NJ is taught at the South Plainfield campus. The majority of the students of this institute are on less than 2 year program and the course fee is for the above program is $12,595 per every student.

  • Course detail

The course here provides from the foundation level to the expert level, so that the students can seek their jobs from the entry level to the large dental practices, federals and even in the state offices.

After successful completion the student can sit for the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection’s approved dental radiography to pursue better career graph in their professional line.

  • Tasks are to be performed during the course
  1. Students have to take oral inspections
  2. They to expose to the process of X-ray environment
  3. Need to perform CPR
  4. Prepare and sterilize instrument trays and instruments
  5. Need to create patient chart and administrate the fluoride treatments
  6. Work with insurance forms and schedule appointments
  7. Need to educate people with oral care and need to maintain records and supplies.
  • Course outline

The students have to take a total of 800 hours to complete this course. If they choose for the morning sessions, then the completion will be in the 32 weeks and for the evening batches the sessions will be completed in 57 weeks.

Ocean county vocational technical school

The technical program is offered at the school’s Tom river campus. The majority of the students’ i.e. the 542 students are with the course that has duration less than 2 years. The course fee for this dental assistant and the certification program is around $9,845.

  • About the course
  1. The duration of the whole program is about 450 hours and this course extensively covers labs, operative treatment, clinical experiences, and the certification program. Students here are provided with the transport facility to the clinical site and that fee is included in the course fees.
  2. By completing the course the students can choose different careers like dental hygienist, lab technicians, X-ray technicians, and even as the dentists.
  3. Apart from this students are eligible for additional certification where they become registered to perform the oral procedures under the supervision of the dentists. The high school seniors are given priority for this type of course.
  4. After successful completion of the course the student can take the registered certification examination for both radiological technology and dental X- ray examinations. For the above program the board always recommends the students to have strong communication skills along with word processing skill.
  • Time compatibility

Looking at different aspects the college has provided both part time and full time opportunity to the students. The students have to join the evening batches for the part time courses.