Dental Assistant Schools in Maine

Among those who enjoy interesting and exciting career jobs are the dental assistants. Those who are based in Maine can also become part of those who enjoy such rewarding careers. Actually, anyone who has a desire to practice in the dental or health science field can make their start with training in dental assistant course. The training empowers the student with the skills that will get them started in this career path. There are several dental assistant schools in MA that one can enroll in depending on their circumstances.

University of Maine at Augusta

This is one of the best dental assistant schools in Maine. It is a full service campus at the capital of the state and is considered as the University of Choice by the residents. It is reputed for provision of quality and affordable education without having to get into debt. UMA offers a certificate course in dental assistant which is quite rich in terms of content. Many students enroll straight after high school while some wait for some time to enroll and this makes the student composition as diverse.

One is never so far from UMA classroom especially with the university college centers and community learning sites across the state. The Augusta campus is very beautiful. There is the large central green, ringed by Katz library, classroom buildings. The university program has approval from the Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and gets the students ready for opportunities in fields like periodontics, oral surgery and also orthodontics. Studying in UMA is the gateway to many opportunities in public health setting, government and military clinics, dental schools and also corporate settings.

The dentist assistant certificate program takes 9 months at UAM and equips students well for the Dental Assisting National Board exam and the Certified Dental Assistant credential. After the training, the student is well equipped for the job market and also expanding his personal and professional horizons. The course is tailored in such a way that it ensures the students are well prepared to become integral members of the oral health team out of the classroom learning and experiences in a variety of clinical dentistry settings. Upon completion of the program, the students should demonstrate their understanding on principle functions and structures of human body, therapeutics and disease concepts along with dietary considerations of patients. They should also be able to perform dental radiology processes, basic dental office management procedures and show positive, professional interpersonal skills and relationships among faculty, staff, patients and students.

Kaplan University KHE

Kaplan University- KHE is a great place to start off your dream in the dentistry field. With 12 campuses stationed across the US, you can be sure of getting the program of choice at your convenience. The University offers several courses including the diploma in dental assistant course. Certainly, Kaplan University will not fail you when you need to gain that competitive edge in your career. The university offers a learning experience that is anything but typical. It prides itself in the faculty and staff who are not just academics but seasoned professionals who give the real world knowledge that you need for success. It has flexible and accelerated schedules designed to suit a busy life.

The Lewiston campus is growing fast. It enrolled its first class in 2004 and to date the enrolment has grown rapidly. The campus strives to deliver best in class educational experience with unmatched commitment to student’s success. It is the campus that offers the dental assistant diploma course. Thus, Lewiston is ranked as one of the best dental assistant programs in MA that you can rely upon. The campus understands that the decision to continue your education is so as to take your career to the next level and so it provides the required support.

The dental assistant training in MA is offered at the Lewiston campus under the medical support and technology department. The program equips students with knowledge and skills for performing duties, like instrument sterilization, radiographs, tray setups, impressions, equipment maintenance, dental reception and charting among many. The classes are flexible to accommodate unique demands of family, work and education in that there are both morning and afternoon classes.

Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College is regionally and nationally accredited. It is therefore an ideal place to start a new career and take your career to the next level. It is the place to be for those who wish to build the future and life they have always imagined. The college provides dental assistant certification in MA at cost effective means. The college is accredited and well respected and making a step will see you join the self paced learning and affordable tuition designed with your lifestyle in mind.

The college is reputed for several reasons. First is the flexible study method that it offers. Students can either study online or in print. Books, study guides and learning aids are shipped direct to the student once they select their preferred mode of study. Second, the college offers network of instructor support that ensures you are not alone even while working independently. The faculty and support staffs are experts and only a phone call or email away. Third, the tuition and fees is all inclusive meaning you get books, learning aids and study guides from the same cost. Finally, the college provides career services to graduates such as how to find hobs and interviewing tips among others.

The dental assistant program from Penn Foster College will ensure that your skills are developed for the field. You will be trained to become a vital part of a dental team. You will master the office operations, understand procedures and dental terminology, update patient records and do a lot other things. The program is so flexible that you learn at your own pace, you gain skills at your convenience and you earn your accredited diploma online or at home, wherever you opt. you can get started with the experts from the college who are available online or on call and get the support you need to kick start your dentist career.