Dental Assistant Schools in Texas

There has been an increase in demand for Dental Assistants in recent times. This is why students have been flocking some of the finest dental assistant schools in Texas. The employers of dental offices value dental assistants with a solid understand and grasp of the importance of oral care, latest technological advancements, and their experience of working with dental patients. Becoming a Dental Assistant graduate enables the graduate to apply skills and real-world experience and therefore becoming a prime job candidate for hire. As the population continues to grow, dentists’ workloads keep on increasing and therefore creating the urgent need for dental assistants with the skills to perform routine tasks. This will enable the dentists to devote more time to complex procedures.  As a matter of fact, dental assisting career is considered among the fastest-growing professions in country. It is therefore important for students in Texas who would like to pursue a Dental Assistant course to have some knowledge on the institutions that offer dental assistant programs in Texas.

Carrington College

With its roots dating back almost 35 years, Carrington College has successfully shaped the careers of thousands of graduates. The college offers associate degree and specialized certificate programs and its broad based curricula instill students with a philosophy that values learning, professionalism as well as contribution to the community.

Carrington College offers one of the very best dental assistant training in Texas. The course is equally taught by professionals who have been industry professionals before and are eager to provide practical insights on the various subjects. The students are served with a variety of life experiences which enhance the classroom experiences. The Dental Assistant faculty is a dedicated and energetic team who bring with them a wide range of knowledge and perspectives. At Carrington College, the Dental Assistant students are intensively taught to become skillful at performing X-rays as well as assisting with many other dental procedures. The learning schedules are quite flexible with online classes being available.

The contents contained in the program include administrative duties, patient preparation as well as office administrative functions. The students are able to obtain hands-on experience during the class sessions and through clinical experience. The good thing is that the program can be completed in as little as a year, therefore allowing the graduate to get into the work force as fast as possible. The Dental Assistant curriculum at Carrington College offers a hands-on training experience that opens up the students to a world of new and exciting job opportunities.

To be able to earn the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) credential, students are usually prepared to be able to sit for the national certification tests.  A Certificate of Achievement and Associate on Science degree in Dental Assisting is the culmination of the program.


Kaplan College

Considered as one of the best schools in Texas offering Dental Assistant course, Kaplan College provides the best programs that combine professional instruction and flexible schedules. The school offers career-focused training to thousands of students which enable them to enter into some of the fastest-growing industries.

Kaplan College offers a Dental Assistant Diploma which is market-driven with a curriculum that is designed to satisfy local employment needs. The objective of the Dental Assistant curriculum is to prepare the student to perform chair-side assisting and other related procedures under direct supervision of the dentist. The curriculum offers a hands-on training which helps the student to develop relevant skills. In addition to all these, it also offers records management, ethics, communication, office management, as well as introduction to basic computer applications. The school provides flexible class schedules so the student is able to meet the demands of family, education and work all together.

To be able to graduate with the best skills, students are trained on how to handle dental emergencies such as alveolitis, tooth abscess, etc. They are also equipped with knowledge on identifying the dental formula and the universal codes for each tooth as well as identifying the structures of the oral cavity. Chair-side assisting is also included and it consists of infection control, handling dental instruments and planning treatment.

Before graduation, the students are required to complete externship at a dental clinic, dental office or any other dental facility. Kaplan College actually offers one of the best dental assistant certification in Texas.

Milan Institute

At Milan Institute, the students are provided with the training and skills needed to enter into industries that have employment opportunities. It is in fact considered a post-secondary networked institution that offers some of the best educational choices. At Milan, each student is believed to be holding the key to his or her own success. The institute offers a conducive learning atmosphere with highly trained instructors who strive to assist the students in developing professionalism. The students are enabled to become enterprising professionals as there is excellent training provided coupled with job placement assistance.

The Dental Assistant faculty provides both theory and practical instruction to students. The clinical area is perfectly equipped for hands-on experience. The instructors are highly skilled professionals in their respective areas of practice and therefore they bring along current industry insight right into the classroom. The classes are flexible and online learning is also offered.

Applicants to the college must be a high school graduate, possess a General Education Development GED) certificate as well as a Home Study transcript from a home study program which should be equivalent to high school level and is recognized by the home state of the student.

The dental assistant students are trained on patient preparation, handling dental instruments, performing X-rays plus any other procedures as directed by the dentist. Dental assistant graduates from Milan Institute have experience in procedures such as inventory control, records management, records management, operational procedures and providing assistance to the dentists and dental practitioners during the examination and treatment of patients. Students wishing to pursue a career in dental assistant can now commence on their careers today with proper training from the Milan Institute.

Dental Assistant Schools In New York

Some of the best dental assistant schools in New York came up because dental assistant programs have become very attractive. One reason is because there is a very high demand for dental assistants with an estimated 36% increase in these positions over the next 8 years, therefore making job prospect excellent. It also comes along with a competitive salary package which is attractive and with a great potential for growth. Dental assistants with a solid grasp of oral care essentials, adequate experience working with patients and the latest technological advances are greatly valued by dental office employers. The following are some of the best dental assistant schools in NY in which can help in starting a great career journey.

The Mandl College of Allied Health

The school was founded in 1924 as a for-profit institution and is located 3.7 miles from the centre of the city of New York. It offers three certificates and one associate’s level degree to students. The subjects offered by the school include dental assisting, medical assisting and surgical technology.

Mandl College is a New York based facility with a fully equipped setting which allows the student access to invaluable hands-on dental learning experiences. The college boasts one of the best among the many dental assistant programs in NY, which combines the latest technologies and hands-on experience to equip the learners with relevant skill-sets. The school’s curriculum is actually based on three semesters which gives room for the learner to practice on the job skills as well as troubleshooting on-the-job scenarios through a 300-hour professional internship. The curriculum also teaches the students the essentials of working in a dental office and applying relevant skills.

For applicants to qualify for admission, they must have received a high school diploma. Students are able to learn about various skills as well as perform on a huge number of tasks on the job. Receiving a dental assisting certificate permits the learner to work in a number of settings including large government hospitals, private practice offices, small dental clinics and dental labs.

New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants

Conveniently located just about 10 minutes from Times Square in Long Island, The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants has trained dental assistants since 1967. The school has also been giving a helping hand in securing employment for graduates throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Long Island.

The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants has been recognized by The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges as a“2010’’ ACCSC School of Excellence. In fact, graduates from The New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants are always ready to launch their career quickly and successfully as they are provided with what could be referred to as one the best dental assistant training in NY. The dental assistant program is designed to prepare the students for their career in as little as eight months only! The school has a practical approach to training with a very critical combination of classroom learning and intensive hands-on practice in the dental lab classrooms. There are also customized clinical externships which enable students to gain experience, skills and self-confidence as well. The dental assistant program also enables students to work with both dental specialists and general dentists as it provides chair-side, administrative and laboratory skills.

The good news for students is that the school offers affordable day and evening programs with financial aid available to qualified students. The school also offers tuition payment plans and benefits as well but only after eligibility of the student is confirmed. Students with no experience in medicine need not worry because the program is designed to prepare both women and men with no experience in the dental field for employment as dental assistants. For a great and bright future as dental assistants, students are encouraged to join The New York School of Medical and Dental Assistants which offers approved Dental career training and dental certification in NY.

Micropower Career Institute

Micropower Career Institute is one of NY dental assistant school that has been providing dental assistant program training and education for over 15 years. The school, having been founded in 1993 is a for-profit institution which is situated near the centre of the city in New York. Apart from this, the school has been accredited by the Council on Occupational Education. It provides educational opportunities with an emphasis in developing relevant skills and gaining adequate knowledge in dental assistant program to enable students to be able to handle dental procedures in the most appropriate manner.

The dental assistant program at Micropower Career Institute trains the student to prepare the patient adequately for treatment, prepare tray setups for dental procedures, educate the patients on proper oral care, maintaining dental records, sterilization and disinfection of instruments and taking X-ray examinations as directed by the dentist. The program is run by highly qualified and skilled instructors and the externships other than classroom hours are offered to students at no extra charge.

The learning environment is very conducive because of the small size classes with flexible class hours. For students who would like to join the dental assistant program at Micropower Career Institute, no prior medical or computer experience is required to be able to commence. Learning is of high quality owing to the well equipped laboratories which enable students to develop their skills through the application of the relevant and most applicable facilities.

The students are required to spend a total of 600hours in the classroom, with 300 hours being for Externship.  Under-privileged students wishing to join the program are encouraged to do so as the school offers financial aid. Books and relevant learning materials are also at the students’ disposal to enable them go through their coursework with ease. After successful completion of the curriculum and passing their exams, students are ready to venture into the employment field fully armed with the required skills and expertise.

Dental Assistant Schools in Michigan

Some of the most reputable dental assistant schools in Michigan are highly sought after by the many students who want to pursue a career in this field. Dental assistant positions are available in many job markets nationwide and the highest qualified candidates experience the greatest demand. Dental assistant programs in Michigan are offered in some of the schools discussed below.

Delta College

For many years now, Delta College has been making a huge difference in the lives of many people in the Lakes Bay Region since 1961. It has managed to produce some of the very best graduates many of whom the college played a deciding factor in their success. For anyone applying for the first time, it will be noticeable that the staff and faculty in Delta College are very dedicated in providing a truly educational firs hand experience.

The dental assistant program at Delta College has been tremendously excellent. Those who graduate from this program are prepared to face the employment world with confidence and determination. The students are trained in many significant areas in relation to dentistry such as preventive and surgical procedures, operative restorative, assisting the dentist in diagnostic procedures as well as performing any other independent duties as instructed by the dentist, once the student passes the RDA exam. Registered Dental Assistants are able to perform selective polishing, periodontal dressing, dental dams, temporary crowns, cavity liners and bases, orthodontic ligatures and elastics, place sealants, take radiographs and impressions, provide patient education, remove sutures, and perform office business.

Delta College highly believes in each student’s potential and abilities, and therefore the instructors fully focus on each individual student.  The school offers one of the best dental assistant training in Michigan. Upon completion of the dental assistant program, the students are eligible to take up the Certification exam of the Dental Assisting National Board in order to become a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA). The students can also take the Michigan Department of Community Health exam to become a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA). The dental assistant program at Delta College is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Associations.

The dental assistant program at Delta College has certain goals. These include: Preparing the student to successfully complete the NDA certification; to prepare the students to successfully complete the State of Michigan Licensure Exam (MLE) for a Registered Dental Assistant; to allow the students the chance to develop general education capabilities as stated in the General Education requirements of Delta College; to prepare the student for entry level into employment, therefore making it the most appropriate starting point.


Lake Michigan College

The foundation of Lake Michigan College has a very rich history; that of working with its alumni and community in the provision of support for programs and students since the year 1987. The alumni’s efforts together with other sponsors have greatly benefited many students as well as the college in many ways. It has improved academic excellence through development of faculties and educational tools which have aided in innovative learning, arts and entertainment has been greatly supported and scholarships have been available to the students each year.

The dental assistant program at Lake Michigan College adequately prepares the students to take up the Registered Dental Assistant exam after which they will be trained members of the Dental Health Team which provides patient care under the close supervision of a licensed dentist. The school is considered to be offering one of the most reputable dental assistant certification in Michigan. Through the program, the students are trained on the skills and knowledge which are required for a successful and rewarding career in dental assisting. The training combines the technical chair-side with laboratory education, and organization and speaking skills. The classes are usually taught at the Napier Avenue campus in some of the newest dental assisting classrooms which were officially opened in 2011. Other dental assistant classes are also taught at Bertrand Crossing campus in Niles. The students also receive a hands-on experience through clinical classes which are carried out in the field.

Students taking up the dental assistant program at Lake Michigan College are not quite limited by semester deadlines. They can commence courses any time during any semester through Open Entry or Open Exit format and the program may be taken full time or part time. During the coursework, the students are trained using technology-based equipment because the modern dental offices use technology on a daily basis.

For a great a fulfilling career as a dental assistant, students are highly encouraged to try Lake Michigan College.

Ross Medical Education Centre

This school has a very impressive legacy. It started in 1969 and was opened by J.M Ross in Michigan using the name Learning Foundations. The school initially provided after-school academic instructions from kindergarten through to the twelfth grade. Later on, six more schools were opened from 1969-1971.

Ross Medical Education Centre offers a dental assistant program which provides hands-on training in areas like: The role of OSHA in the operation of the dental office; completion of dental claim forms; use of dental instrumentation; performing some basic administration duties and developing independent job seeking skills. Through the dental assistant program at Ross Medical Education Centre, students are well prepared to become the best candidates for their first dental career opportunity. They also acquire skills which are necessary to be relevantly proficient in the dental fields. The school has gone a step further and is also preparing students with techniques in networking, writing of professional resumes as well as interview strategies.  Graduates from Ross find that local employers in every city are seeking after their skills.

At Ross Medical Education Centre, students are required to complete practical externship first before graduating. This is crucial as it gives the students an opportunity to apply what they have learned to a real world setting. Ross is very committed to student continuous development, which is why it is the best place to be.

Dental Assistant Schools In Miami

There are many great schools in the Miami area that offer dental assistant programs. The Department of Labor estimates that jobs available for Dental Assistants in the United States are going to increase by 29% by 2016.  This is a great reason to study to become a dental assistant in a dental assistant school in Miami. There are not many schools within the central Miami are but there are some good schools in easy commuting distance. Listed below are three top schools in the Miami area to consider when looking for dental assistant training programs and getting a career as a dental assistant.

Lindsay Hopkins Technical Education Centre, Miami Dade College

This is the only certified dental assistant programs in the Miami area. It is accredited by the American Dental Association and certified by the Dental Assistant National Board. The program is made up of theory, labs and clinical experience.

The students have access to a simulator in the clinical facility and also get hands on experience at the Community Smiles Dental Clinic which is located on the campus. They get to first work with the human patient simulator learning all aspects of dental care and then they are allowed to have hands on patient experience in the onsite dental clinic.

The course runs for approximately 13 months and after completion of this course the students have the option of taking the exams required in the state of Florida to become certified dental assistants. The students will complete this course with a certificate, and they will be able to work in dental clinics under the supervision of a licensed dentist.

Lindsay Hopkins was the first technical and career based centre to be built in the Miami area. This school has more than 9000 students a year in many fields of learning. They have a specific school designed for the health science education careers and it is in this part of the college that the dental assistant program is completed.

Sanford Brown Institute, Fort Lauderdale

When considering dental assistant schools in Miami that offer the dental assistant program a school that is highly recommended is the Sanford Brown Institute located in Fort Lauderdale. This program is designed to help students to assist in many different dental office situations.

Students undertaking this course will receive training in the key areas required for assisting dentists in a dental clinic. These areas include dental anatomy, pathology and terminology, dental instruments and materials, radiography, sterilization principles and office duties. All the skills required for the tasks a dental assistant may be required to fulfill in their daily working environment.

The training in this program is split into three components, a lecture component, a laboratory component and clinical experience, which is included in an externship at a dental clinic. At the end of this course students will be able to obtain employment as an entry level dental assistant. They will be required in the state of Florida is sit the Certified Dental Assistants (CDA) exam.

Sanford Brown offers a diploma in dental assisting with expanded functions. It can take as little as 17.5 months to complete in full time enrollment. Sanford Brown offer flexible learning schedules so this is why the course can take longer to complete if a student can’t study full time due to other commitments.

Sanford Brown is committed to helping people make their dreams a reality. They offer flexible programs that work to balance life with study. They offer flexible learning schedules in day, night, weekend or online classes that best suit the need of the student. Sanford Brown also offer great externship sites for practical, real life experience with patients.

One of the unique qualities of Sanford Brown is the established network they have with hospitals and community facilities. This is where they offer great externships with quality establishments to give one of the best hands on dental assistant programs in Miami.

Lincoln College of Technology, West Palm Beach

Lincoln College offers over 65 years of experience in the field of education. The Campus at West Palm Beach is specifically designed to give students marketable skills and career specific knowledge. They are an institution that is firmly enclosed in careers that assist America, which enables them to have a close professional bond with local businesses and organizations.

This is one of the best hands on training schools for dental assistant training in Miami. This school offers students the chance to learn on a patient simulation mannequin. This program allows students to learn through labs, lectures and simulated scenarios so that they are ready at the completion of the course to sit their Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) and their Infection Control (ICE) portions of the CDA exam.

The campus labs are designed to look like actual dental offices and sterilization rooms, just like they would be found in the workplace. They also offer a chance to work in clinical externship, getting to meet real patients under the supervision of a licensed dentist. The instructors for this course are all certified dental assistants and have worked in this field for many years, offering varied fields of expertise and experience.

Lincoln offers the unique quality of giving the students the opportunity to get a true feel for working with dental instruments in simulated dental class settings. This means that at Lincoln you will get a chance to do the things real dental assistants do before you start your first job. This is a great way to start a career already having hands on knowledge of what is required from the role.

This course is a 12 month course with 870 contact hours and gaining 56 credits, at the end of which students will earn a diploma. The student will complete 160 hours of this program in the dentist externship, which is to work in a dental practice to complete these hours. Completing the externship gives the students the opportunity to learn a wide range of expanded duties and this gives them an expanded duties certificate along with their diploma. At the end of the course students are then able to sit the required exams to gain dental assistant certification in Miami.

Dental Assistant Schools in Maine

Among those who enjoy interesting and exciting career jobs are the dental assistants. Those who are based in Maine can also become part of those who enjoy such rewarding careers. Actually, anyone who has a desire to practice in the dental or health science field can make their start with training in dental assistant course. The training empowers the student with the skills that will get them started in this career path. There are several dental assistant schools in MA that one can enroll in depending on their circumstances.

University of Maine at Augusta

This is one of the best dental assistant schools in Maine. It is a full service campus at the capital of the state and is considered as the University of Choice by the residents. It is reputed for provision of quality and affordable education without having to get into debt. UMA offers a certificate course in dental assistant which is quite rich in terms of content. Many students enroll straight after high school while some wait for some time to enroll and this makes the student composition as diverse.

One is never so far from UMA classroom especially with the university college centers and community learning sites across the state. The Augusta campus is very beautiful. There is the large central green, ringed by Katz library, classroom buildings. The university program has approval from the Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and gets the students ready for opportunities in fields like periodontics, oral surgery and also orthodontics. Studying in UMA is the gateway to many opportunities in public health setting, government and military clinics, dental schools and also corporate settings.

The dentist assistant certificate program takes 9 months at UAM and equips students well for the Dental Assisting National Board exam and the Certified Dental Assistant credential. After the training, the student is well equipped for the job market and also expanding his personal and professional horizons. The course is tailored in such a way that it ensures the students are well prepared to become integral members of the oral health team out of the classroom learning and experiences in a variety of clinical dentistry settings. Upon completion of the program, the students should demonstrate their understanding on principle functions and structures of human body, therapeutics and disease concepts along with dietary considerations of patients. They should also be able to perform dental radiology processes, basic dental office management procedures and show positive, professional interpersonal skills and relationships among faculty, staff, patients and students.

Kaplan University KHE

Kaplan University- KHE is a great place to start off your dream in the dentistry field. With 12 campuses stationed across the US, you can be sure of getting the program of choice at your convenience. The University offers several courses including the diploma in dental assistant course. Certainly, Kaplan University will not fail you when you need to gain that competitive edge in your career. The university offers a learning experience that is anything but typical. It prides itself in the faculty and staff who are not just academics but seasoned professionals who give the real world knowledge that you need for success. It has flexible and accelerated schedules designed to suit a busy life.

The Lewiston campus is growing fast. It enrolled its first class in 2004 and to date the enrolment has grown rapidly. The campus strives to deliver best in class educational experience with unmatched commitment to student’s success. It is the campus that offers the dental assistant diploma course. Thus, Lewiston is ranked as one of the best dental assistant programs in MA that you can rely upon. The campus understands that the decision to continue your education is so as to take your career to the next level and so it provides the required support.

The dental assistant training in MA is offered at the Lewiston campus under the medical support and technology department. The program equips students with knowledge and skills for performing duties, like instrument sterilization, radiographs, tray setups, impressions, equipment maintenance, dental reception and charting among many. The classes are flexible to accommodate unique demands of family, work and education in that there are both morning and afternoon classes.

Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College is regionally and nationally accredited. It is therefore an ideal place to start a new career and take your career to the next level. It is the place to be for those who wish to build the future and life they have always imagined. The college provides dental assistant certification in MA at cost effective means. The college is accredited and well respected and making a step will see you join the self paced learning and affordable tuition designed with your lifestyle in mind.

The college is reputed for several reasons. First is the flexible study method that it offers. Students can either study online or in print. Books, study guides and learning aids are shipped direct to the student once they select their preferred mode of study. Second, the college offers network of instructor support that ensures you are not alone even while working independently. The faculty and support staffs are experts and only a phone call or email away. Third, the tuition and fees is all inclusive meaning you get books, learning aids and study guides from the same cost. Finally, the college provides career services to graduates such as how to find hobs and interviewing tips among others.

The dental assistant program from Penn Foster College will ensure that your skills are developed for the field. You will be trained to become a vital part of a dental team. You will master the office operations, understand procedures and dental terminology, update patient records and do a lot other things. The program is so flexible that you learn at your own pace, you gain skills at your convenience and you earn your accredited diploma online or at home, wherever you opt. you can get started with the experts from the college who are available online or on call and get the support you need to kick start your dentist career.

Dental Assistant Schools in Houston

There is definitely a growing need for dental assistants across the United States which is why now is a good time to study to become one. The big question is which course to choose. Participate in the shorter course and be able to start work sooner, or complete the longer course with a higher qualification. The difference between the two courses is how much hands on experience a student gets before having to do the daily tasks under pressure. The other difference is the qualification gained at the end, the longer course offers a diploma to graduates and the shorter course offers a certificate.

There are a few dental assistant schools in Houston. Some offer the longer diploma course and some offer the shorter certificate course. Below is a review of 2 schools that offer the diploma programs and 2 schools that offer the certificate:

Remington College

Remington College has two campuses in the Houston area that offer a dental assistant diploma program. The dental assistant programs in Houston are available in Southeast Houston at the South Webster campus and in North Houston at Greenspoint. After completing this year long course students will be able to sit the required exams to become a registered dental assistant in the State of Texas.

The course offered a both campuses is split into seven modules to allow each topic to be comprehensively covered. At the completion of these 7 modules students need to complete an externship in a local dental practice that is organized by the school. The externship gives students the opportunity to get hands on in a real time dental environment. The externship allows students the opportunity to get on job skills with the care and experience of a qualified dental assistant helping them. The course can be completed in as little as eight months.

Houston Community College

This college offers dental assistant training in Houston through a twelve month dental assisting program. This course is offered to students through two methods of learning in classrooms and through on site labs. The training also gives students the opportunity to get hands on training in a local dental clinic.

Students who complete this course will be given a certificate of completion and then they will have to complete the requirements of the State of Texas to become a registered Dental Assistant. The clinical training sites used in this program are all over the greater metropolitan area, so access for students will try to be as easy as possible.

There are many areas of dental practice available for students to get experience in such as general practice clinics, oral surgery offices, orthodontic clinics, pediatric clinics and some other specialties. So in the length of this course students will have access to many different specialties allowing them to have a broad range of experience.

Houston Dental Assistant School

This school offers a ten week course for dental assistants. There are two campuses in the Houston area offering this course. One in the Katy area and one in the Woodlands/Spring area and is approved by the Texas Workforce Commission.  They have been providing this course to the Houston area for over 13 years.

The school offers a course that is able to fit around current commitments that students may have such as work or family commitment. The classes for this course are held on Saturdays to make it easy for students to continue working.  The philosophy of this school is that people can be trained in relatively short periods of time. This commitment is possible if the critical skills for dental assisting are the focus of the course.

They offer modern classroom instruction with an emphasis on hands on experience. Students are given the tools required through class room instruction and practical hands on training with the equipment and instruments used in most dental practices. The course fees for this course also include the cost of the dental assistant certification in Houston through the exam required by the State of Texas.

Academy for Dental Assisting

This is the most affordable way of becoming a dental assistant in Houston.  They offer a new, innovative and unique course that includes the best foundational knowledge required to start dental assisting. The academy seeks to offer a wide range of experiences, techniques and materials they are focused on the core necessities to get the best job.

This course is run in just 11 short weeks and only costs a third of what other dental assisting courses costs. The course is set in a running dental clinic giving students great hands on knowledge with real patients. People skills are very important in the dental assistant so learning to work with real patients during study is a great asset to the potential dental assistant.

This course is run on Saturday through the daytime so that students have the ability to keep their current job and to train at the same time. This is a good option for studying if thinking of changing career or if the training is undertaken by someone who has existing family commitments. Another eighty hours is required to be completed as an externship in a dental office to gain completion of this course.

Upon completion of the course the academy will help students to gain employment in this field of work, although jobs are not guaranteed. The director of education will help students in resume presentation, interview techniques and employment opportunities. The class sizes for this school are relatively small so the best chance is available to get hands on experience, they run with the ratio of 12 students per one instructor and 15 students to two instructors.

These schools offer two different courses and each has it pros and cons. The dental assistant role is growing and there is a shortage of dental assistants which is likely to get worse over time. Studying as a dental assistant has a high chance of job opportunities, however there is still competition in good job opportunities. Having an advantage over other competitors is an advantage to get the best job possible.

Dental Assistant Schools in Florida

Dental assistant program is increasingly gaining a lot of popularity, and with many students in Florida opting for it, there is need for them to find out which schools are offering the course. There are several colleges and universities that are considered some of the best dental assistant Schools in Florida. Despite these schools being located in 5 cities in the state, the largest number of accredited dental assistant schools is in Orlando and West Palm Beach. Some of the best schools are discussed below.

Indian River State College

This college has been in existence for 50 years over the years, Indian River State College (IRSC) has earned a statewide reputation for its exemplary performance and excellence. The school offers over 100 programs leading to Technical Certificates, Applied Technology Diplomas, Associate Degrees and Bachelor’s Degrees. It is also recognized as a national model for the creative use of technology in education. In fact, IRSC has been ranked as the 5th most affordable college in the country. IRSC has a tremendous reputation for quality.

The Dental Assistant Associate degree can help students channel their abilities into a great career. The students are able to benefit from a career-focused curriculum well as get the chance to learn and train in real dental labs. The dental assistant program at IRSC also includes an externship experience which provides students with adequate experience in their dental practice.

The graduates are able to compete for clinical or administrative entry-level positions which include areas such as circulating assistant, hygiene assistant, patient coordinator and infection control coordinator. With the Associate degree, the graduate will be prepared for a rewarding professional career as a dental assistant along with the related dental fields like management, education and marketing. The graduate will also be able to work with the dentist and perform tasks such as patient preparation, sterilization of instruments and preparation of materials for dental procedures. Apart from these, the students are also trained on how to make temporary crowns, administration of fluoride treatments, taking radiographs and polishing teeth.

All programs for dental assistant training in Florida are committed to the principle of diversity, and that is why this program is open to all qualified persons who comply with the American’s disabilities Act. All through their training, students will be exposed to acquiring skills, knowledge and attitude which will help them to complete their course of study successfully and hence be able to perform their functions as a certified dental assistant. Students may take the dental assistant course before acceptance into the program. The entire program is spread over two semesters with a total study time of 72 hours.


Eastern Florida State College

Established in 1971 as Brevard Community College, the Eastern Florida State College is a not-for-Profit Organization. The funds that are raised on behalf of the Foundation benefit EFSC students. The Eastern Florida State College Foundation is actually the channel through which various supporters contribute to the College’s scholarships for students and educational programs. The college has provided over $2.5 million dollars in scholarships in the past five years with every dollar benefitting the students.

Admission to the dental assistant diploma program is very limited. The program has been accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation. During admission, there is a selection committee which is guided by a point system. However, the ultimate and final decisions are solely the responsibility of the selection committee. The applicant’s role is to provide the necessary documentation which enables support to the point system. One-on-one attention from highly skilled and qualified professors at Eastern Florida State College helps to produce successful students. Students are trained on all the key areas in the program’s curriculum which drives at instilling the best skills and attitudes in the students. They are trained on patient preparation, sterilization of equipment and instruments, handling dental emergencies, performing radiographs and any other duties as may be instructed by the dentist.

Apart from the highly skilled instructors, the students also have access to high quality text books which help them in their revision and in polishing up the acquired skills. They are also exposed to well equip labs to enhance their clinical practice and promote a hands-on experience.

The graduates from the program are qualified to take the Dental Assisting National Board exam, and the dental assistants successfully completing this exam are allowed to use title ‘Certified Dental Assistant’ or the ‘CDA’ initials along with their name.

Anthem College

Anthem College was established in 1982. Since then, the college has continued to provide its students with the best hands-on training programs which have helped them to develop their knowledge and skills base, in order to meet the demands of today’s employers. The school offers programs in areas of technology, business, paralegal and healthcare.

Anthem College offers one of the best dental assistant certification in Florida, which helps in preparing students to deliver the best patient care, perform administrative duties in their dental practices as well as be able to work in a laboratory. The program mainly trains the students on chair-side skills, performing x-rays, basic laboratory procedures, dental health, and identifying the dental anatomy. The coursework takes as little as a year, after which the students are released to go and practice.

The school has highly qualified instructors who have embraced a career-focused, student centered approach to education. This is designed to provide the students with the relevant skills and techniques which they need to enter into the workforce after they graduate. As a matter of fact, the school ensures that by the time the students are graduating, they are well prepared for the job market and have all the adequate dental assistant knowledge required. The school also helps the students in seeking employment by teaching them various interview techniques, preparing resumes and the cover letters. After the completion of the coursework, students can utilize an opportunity to apply their skills in an externship as they perform real dental practice.

Dental Assistant Schools In Dallas

Dental assistant jobs are in growing demand; the Labor department believes that there will be a thirty one percent increase in the amount of dental assistants by 2020. With the increasing demand for this job there are more schools available for this training.  It is tough to choose which school to go to when thinking about training there are so many options available. Here is a review of three specialist dental assistant schools in Dallas.

Aspire Dental Assistant School

Aspire dental assistant school is a specifically designed school for dental assistant training in Dallas. It has two great dental clinic locations for students to train in. The staff here is very qualified and has been working in the industry for many years bringing great levels of experience.

The classroom portion of this program is held at Preston Hollow Specialists Clinic where there is state of the art technology to make the classroom experience the best it can be. The clinical component of this course is to be undertaken at the operating practice of Robinson Dentistry. This course offers hands on training in a clinical setting.

This course is designed as an accelerated course to be completed in just 10 weeks. This course is fully compliant with the State of Texas regulations. At the end of the course students will be awarded a certificate in dental assisting. Students will then be required to sit the exams required to become a dental assistant in the State of Texas.

Dental assistants need to be comfortable around people which is why at Aspire you get to be hands on with people in a real clinic in your first week of training. Aspire knows from years of dental assistant experience that learning to deal with different patients needs is one of the greatest challenges a dental assistant will face. The Aspire advantage is that they teach the intricacies of patient communication that can’t be taught in a classroom.

East Texas Dental Assistant College

In 2006 the State of Texas made it so that to become a dental assistant you had to sit mandated courses and exams. It was then that there was a need for more specialized training for dental assistants, so this school was created. The director of this school is a licensed dentist and the lead instructor is a qualified dental assistant with over 15 years of experience.

This school is designed that after this fast 10 week program students will be able to start as a trained dental assistant and complete the necessary exams required by the State of Texas. After the completion of the 10 week course students will need to undertake a 3 day externship and then they will be awarded a certificate of completion. This is one of the best accelerated dental assistant programs in Dallas.

Students only spend one day per week in the classroom. They are then assigned one day a week where they will chair assist the director and lead instructor to deliver patient care in the dental office. After the 10 weeks students will spend one week of internship offering unassisted dental care with the dentist in the onsite clinic. Then there is one week of dental assistant training in an assigned local dentist office to complete their externship.

In summary this course is 10 days of lectures and a minimum of 13 days of chair side experience spanning over the 12 week course duration. The total learning experience is completed in 180 hours of direct instruction or a total of 240 hours for completing the dental assistant course. Upon completion of this course students will receive a certificate of completion and a letter of introduction for their resume signed by the course director.

Kaplan College

The Kaplan College campus in Dallas offers career focused programs in healthcare and paralegal fields. The classes at this campus are offered in the day or evening so that students can fit the course around their life commitments. By choosing a comprehensive course of study you may become a viable candidate for employment in your chosen field.

Kaplan College offers some great options to help during study at their campus. They offer an employment assistance program, which means they will help find part time employment while you are study to help with costs of training. They can also help with finding employment at the completion of the course. Kaplan College also offer refresher courses at no cost provided there is space in the classroom. Kaplan College is committed to making studying the easiest possible and to fit around your daily life so that studying doesn’t affect commitments already held by the students.

The Dallas campus offers a perfect environment for getting the finest training experience. The lab has a complete dental operatory, autoclave, x-ray area, lab sinks, dental instruments and worktables. The dental computer lab has billing software which is updated regularly and used by most dental practices.

This course is a yearlong program at the end of which students will graduate with a diploma in dental assisting. Choosing a longer course may not work for some people who wish to get started in the industry sooner but having a diploma in dental assisting may help to get the right job. With the need for dental assistants increasing more people will be training and to have an edge over the competition in a job interview having a higher qualification is a great advantage.

This course is available to fit around your current schedule with flexible class schedules. At the end of the course students will need to sit the exams regulated by the State of Texas to achieve dental assistant certification in Dallas.  Students completing this course will feel they have had a chance to get valued experience over a good amount of time, making sure that students feel they are completely comfortable with all aspects required from a dental assistant. Spending a little bit more time studying may not get you into the workforce as quickly but it may allow movement and progression at a quicker rate than other dental assistants.

Dental Assistant Schools in Connecticut

Like any other field, there are educational requirements that one must meet before they can practice as dental assistants. Therefore, one may want to enroll in one of the many dental assistant schools in CT so as to master the required skills and knowledge. The schools endeavor to prepare the students to perform the administration tasks, patient care, laboratory tasks and any other duties that may be required of a dental assistant. No wonder, the career line seems to be ever expanding despite the prevailing data on the market.

Porter and Chester Institution

Porter and Chester Institution is one of the best dental assistant schools in Connecticut. It operates with an educational philosophy of educating and training students to the level that will make them competent employees. Thus, the atmosphere of the institute has been made like that of an employer’s office or workshop. The school has similar instruments, equipment, reference materials just like what would be found at an employer’s premises.

The institute was founded in 1973. Later on in 1977, there was increase in demand for the courses offered and so the Waterbury campus was founded. 2 years later, the Enfield Campus came to be and the expansion has continued to date. The institute has remained an experienced and competent provider of technical, business and health related occupational preparation. It is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. In 2012, it received recognition for the commitment to the expectations and rigors or the accreditation known as School of Excellence Award. Today, there are 5 campuses in Connecticut alone.

The dental assistant program is a fine way to start a new career in as little as 9 short months. The program equips students with everything they need to know for a rewarding career in dental assistant. The program is interesting and teaches the skills and preparation required for radiology exam. It also teaches the chair side assisting skills as well as ongoing placement assistance. Graduates of the dental assistant program from the institute are well paid, respected and enjoy a large degree of job security. You can get more information online from the institute website.

Valley Medical Institute

Valley Medical Institute takes pride in the fact that its students are motivated, caring and have a strong desire to help others from the way they are nurtured. The institute has provided students with vocational training since 1994. It was the invention of health care professionals who thought it wise to compliment their licensed home care business and has enjoyed success henceforth. VMI blends classroom learning with work experience to prepare their students better for employment in the medical and dental professions. It has 2 campuses in Bridgeport and in Waterbury Connecticut.

The staff at the institute have years of experience in their respective fields and provide insight to the students. The students from the institute are sent for the clinical training to provide another layer of concentrated education and training needed so as to achieve a higher level of confidence. As one of the providers of dental assistant programs in CT, VMI has designed its course work to enhance the earning potential of its students throughout their careers. Both theory and hands-on experience is provided to the students. The students are real people with real life schedules and so the program is designed to fit their needs. Both campuses offer the courses with varied class times to accommodate all kinds of students.

The dental assistant training in CT from VMI is a basic program that runs 95 hours long over 4 weeks in day, evening or weekend program. It prepares the students to be members of the dental team and assist the dentist in all phases of dentistry. It comprises of a few specialty dentistry, radiography, chair side procedures and lab office assisting. The program has clinical experience which is on rotation through the local facilities. The course generally equips the student to work on behalf of the patient as well as the dentist in helping assure a high level of professional excellence in oral health care and delivery. A high school diploma, GED or VMI entrance exam is prerequisite for admission.

Accelerated Dental Training Institute of Connecticut, LLC

Accelerated Dental Training Institute of Connecticut, LLC provides dental assistant certification in CT. The institute has been offering its service to the local community for more than twenty-five years and presents well-reputed state of the art practice. It has the advanced materials and technologies with 4 fully equipped dental operatories, 2 fully equipped hygiene operatories, a laboratory, a darkroom for processing, classroom setting for lectures. It has a business office too.

School can only take 10 students at a time and this is done through interviews by the school administrator. The students must prove their competence for the physically and mentally challenging dental assistant field. They need to be fit physically to be admitted. There are requirements which they must satisfy before admission. These are more on health, reading, writing and language. The program is completed by attendance of all sessions as well as the compulsory internship. Graduates from the school enjoy good earning opportunities, clean work environment and ability to help others.

The dental assistant program from the school takes 14 weeks and is approved by the Connecticut Commissioner of Higher Education. It entails hands-on clinical and laboratory learning. It provides highest quality training and most cost effective price. The curriculum is designed by dental professionals and grants students the real world dental experience they need to enter the job market faster. Among the skills learned from this program include patient care, lab and office duties all of which are essential for success. Dentists prefer experienced assistants and this program will grant you the experience you need for employment. More opportunities are available for dental assistants and so this program is a great start point for any dreamer. You can get more information online when you check the website of the school. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.